Developing new products to respond to the market changes

In 2000, Huahong established its research and development center. In 2007, it established its enterprise technology center based on the R&D center. In 2010, the technology center was authorized as the “Guangdong Province Enterprise Technology Center”. As the platform and the organizational guarantee for enterprise technology innovation, the technology center strives for the huge sum of special funds appropriated by the company to provide the financial support for the technical innovation every year; the technology center has relatively strong research and development strength, and there are a batch of full-time R&D personnel involved in a number of specialties; the technology center is equipped with more than 40 sets and units of testing instruments and equipments , with the total value of over 10 million yuan; the technology center makes full use of external resources, and established a production-study-research cooperative relationship with Dalian University of Technology and Kunming University.

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