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Saturday, March 15, 2014


After the success of C-A-C’s Chip Music festival in 2013, Pixel Sounds is back in 2014 to dish up another dose of blips, bleeps and 8-bit squelch. Come down in the afternoon and learn how to create and play music on your GameBoy. Learn how to transform cheap electronic toys into usable musical instruments through the art of circuit bending. Then join us for a night of performances by some of the finest local and international purveyors of chip tune.

Artists include:
Sabrepulse (UK)
The J. Arthur Keenes Band (Can)
Victory Road

Workshops | Saturday 5 April, 1-5pm | Free (limited space, bookings essential).
Performance | Saturday 5 April, 7pm | $10 Adults & $8 Conc.



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Set Times For Square Sounds Melbourne '14

So the schedule has been announced for Square Sounds Melbourne, 2014. You can view all the set times here.

Also don't forget the Pre-Party and After-Party special events on the Thursday and Sunday either side of the Festival!



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