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Thursday, July 18, 2013



So PAX Australia is this weekend!!
Only one more sleep I thought I would let you know the things you should catch if you are a fan of Chip. First thing to mention there will be a table full of Chip Merch at the entrance in Bandland area and below are some events you might want to catch.

2-3PM - Chiptune: Past, Present, Future Panel - Skippy Theater .. Now with little-scale addded!!
8:30-9:30pm - Friday Night Concert - Main Theater .. Dot.AY, cTrix, Derris-Kharlan!!
10-11pm - Minecraft: The Story of Mojang - Wombat Theater .. Loose connection, 2player productions second film, plus Minecraft!

1-2pm - Musical Guest Panel - Wombat Theater .. 7bit Hero / Dot.AY / cTrix / Derris-Kharlan / Protomen / MC Frontalot all talking to Jeff from Penny Arcade!
5-6pm - Whats that Sound? Creating Great Game Audio - Skippy Theater .. Loose connection again but hey this should be good!
7:30-8:30pm - Saturday Night Concert - Main Theater .. 7BIT HERO.. DO NOT MISS THIS
9:30-10:30pm - Reformat the Planet - Skippy Theater .. If you haven't already seen it a million times

3-4pm - Super Retro Game Trivia Challenge - Dropbear Theater .. Adelaide Retrospekt crew and a bunch of others holding this down.

Anything I forgot to mention let me know.. Going to be a cool weekend!!

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