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Thursday, May 23, 2013

7Bit Hero - Festival of Voices - Hobart - July 13

Everyones favourite interactive Chip-pop band 7bithero are playing in Hobart in July as part of Festival of Voices.
Apparently we can expect a lot more touring and shows around the place from these guys and for anyone that hasn't seen them make sure you charge your smart phone and prepare yourself to do battle with other audience members.

Full Details

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RETROSPEKT 5th Anniversary Party - Adelaide - June 8

The one day with lots of Chip Events happening in Australia. June 8th is also 5th Anniversary party of the Retrospekt Retro Gaming Site. A Joypad event in Adelaide with Chip DJ's and a live Gameboy set from Xandox plus retro games  and comps

Facebook Event


Pixel Sounds as part of International Symposium of Electronic Arts and presented by Campbelltown Arts 
Center and Soundbytes will be a day of epic Chip music. On Saturday 8 June Chip music will take over the Arts Centre will workshops on how to create this unique form of sound and will conclude with a massive concert featuring some of the best Chipmusic makers.


Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families

LSDJ, Little Piggy Tracker and GenMDM Workshops / Presentations during the day

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PAX Melbourne chip lineup

"Hot off the presses! Team SoundBytes, along with cTrix, Dot.AY and Derris-Kharlan will have a panel at PAX Australia titled 'Chiptunes:Past Present and Future' Did you manage to get PAX tickets before they sold out?" - Soundbytes

Also, afterparty:

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