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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GIG: Soundbytes Lucky Number 13

"Despite the fact we have plans already in the works for another couple of future SoundBytes (both in Melbourne and outside it) all the way up til the middle of next year (or maybe a little after the middle ;)), that plan didn’t include a show before Square Sounds Melbourne. Then, we heard that a personal favourite of one of the SoundBytes team was coming to Australia, and we jumped on the opportunity to bring him down to Melbourne, show him a good time and have him play a show.

A_Rival has released not on ly some of the best hip-hop and rap to come out of the chip scene (with some exceptionally clever lyrics) he is also involved in numerous other projects, most recently the soundtrack for the fan made Street Fighter Vs Mega Man that seems to be gaining buzz all over the internet and it's only being released TODAY! By all accounts his live shows are super fun, and this will be his only Melbourne show.

Joined by cTrix, Derris-Kharlan, Maddest Kings Alive and - for his first SoundBytes in far too long – 10K. This show will be something extra special to start your countdown to Square Sounds Melbourne."

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