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Friday, November 9, 2012

Game Boy Australia Summer Tour ft/ Dot.AY & 10k

In the spirit of the original Game Boy Australia Tour (which saw two young idiots blast Game Boy noises at unassuming people) Dot.AY ( and 10k [aka Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families] ( have decided to celebrate their love of summer and touring and Game Boys once again! And what better way than to embark on another trip up and down the east coast's capital cities? 

Once again they'll be joined by friends in each state, including Australian chiptune heroes Slato, Abortifacient, godinpants and cTrix.

Here's how it goes down:

w/ Abortifacient and godinpants at Hermanns Bar.

w/ Tiger Beams, Slato and more at Wasteland.

w/ Scot Drakula and cTrix at Gasometer.

the legacy of the Game Boy Australia Tour:

Since the first 2008 tour both 10k and Dot.AY have gone on to play shows in NYC and Tokyo as well as been part of helping Australia's chip scene flourish from something almost non-existent to a healthy, talented and supportive scene that rivals even the larger cultural hubs.

Poster art by UI:

Facebook Event:

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