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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peaches The Wale scores custom DS XM/MOD Player

"A few days ago I received an e-mail from a tiny whale. Well, I have to admit it isn't something I've seen really often. They call her "Peaches the Wale" [sic], and she's a musician who recently composed some MOD tunes on her Commodore Amiga. You can see her in this video.
Now she's been invited to have some concerts around, and she realized it wouldn't be very feasible to drag the Amiga with her... so she found on the Internet the XM/MOD player I wrote for the Nintendo DS using libXM7library, but she needed some additional features:
  • the module should load and be ready for replay, instead of starting immediately
  • it should be possible to stop and restart the module from the current pattern
  • it should be possible to skip to next or to previous pattern while stopped or even while playing
  • the program should visually show the number of the current pattern and the total number of patterns in the module
  • the music output should be mono, for her DJ mixer.
I really couldn't refuse giving her my help, so I compiled my player again in a different version with the requested features. I called it XM7dj and of course it's available for everybody who might need it. Download it here. I hope you enjoy!"

-Quoted from A DS Homebrewer's Diary

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