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Friday, March 2, 2012

GIG: The Burrow (including little-scale) live at FRINGE!

"The Burrow is a project of SA double bassist Lyndon Gray that explores the unique instrumentation of two double basses, guitar, drums and electronics. The existing two sets of music consist of equal measures of through-composed and improvised content, exploiting the strengths and contrasts of the Jazz and Electronic styles. The sonorities of the two double basses (Lyndon Gray and Sam Zerna) is at the centre of the sound with the composer’s intimate knowledge of the instrument conjuring up some unique effects.

Drummer Hugh Harvey and guitarist Hugh Stuckey complete the core quartet but their roles are not as strictly defined as in a regular jazz quartet allowing greater scope for their creativity.

Seb Tomczak in his role as music technologist adds a further dimension to the group with his manipulation of Gameboy sounds, dot matrix printer noises and white noise. The program was premiered in 2010 as part of the Jazz SA Artist in Residence program where it was performed over three nights. All the performers involved have performed nationally and internationally in their own right and have collaborated with elite improvising musicians here and abroad."

5 March, 2012, 8:00pm (2 Sets)
The Wheatsheaf

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