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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Podcast: Abortifacient and 10k on New Weird Australia

Sean and I performed live on FBi's New Weird Australia program before Blip. From the NWA (hah!) blogpost:

"In Episode 22 of the NWA Podcast series, we celebrate Australian chiptune with two artists who recently represented the city of Sydney at Australia’s first international chiptune festival, Blipfest which took place mid-February 2012 in Melbourne. 10 Thousand Free Men And Their Families and Abortifacient both came into the NWA studio to have a chat and play a live set ahead of the Festival event, and to give us an insight into how they found their way into chiptune in the first place.

Sean from Abortifacient has taken his work overseas, playing with the likes of Ove-Naxx, and touring to Japan, UK, Spain. He blends breakcore into his chiptune, and his seemingly relentless schedule of releases recently gave us the succinctly titled ‘my name is Abortifacient’. Tom from 10K describes himself as “a guy who yells at Game Boys” and – when you hear the live set he plays at the start of this session, you’ll know why.

This session originally aired on 9th February 2012."

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