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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Listen to more chipbros on Australian radio!

Blip was the perfect time for Australian chip to assalt Australian radio. It was so hard to keep up with it all that I asked the wonderful Kristy (co-organiser and co-promoter of both SoundBytes and #BlipAU) to tell me who she organised to go where so we could cover it all!

Here is what went down:

• Abortifacient appeared on PBS' Zen Arcade, listen here.
• Dot.AY appeared on RRR, listen here.
• Dot.AY put together a mix for JJJ's soundlab (which we're hunting down and will repost with audio).
• The Art Of Bleep, also on PBS rocked some Blip Artists here and here and also chatted to cTrix, Trash80 and SoundBytes/Blip co-everything Celsius.

And as selfishly posted earlier, Abortifacient and I performed live on FBi radio's New Weird Australia, which has supported Australian chipmusic for a while now.

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