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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Zealand Chiptune Compilation

In the spirit of Australia stealing all of New Zealand's best acts as our own, we'll be claiming this little nugget as well.

"Finally being released, hosting on mediafire but feel free to host it anywhere else! This picture is not the final artwork, unfortunately, but the final is attached to the mp3s in the zip file!! Artwork by Henry Thompson aka Apricorn

Domestic Bliss - Old Grey Wolf
herps not derps - Grease Monkey
>:| - Dracula Factory
Infected Flesh Decay - Mortal Execution
looolbounce - Futurnari
Frozen Man Winter Song - $noregazZzm
Salamander - Apricorn
Back of My Mind - Futurnari/Fauxhound
### - WAOTS
Speak Nothing - A Art
Door to Door - Fauxhound"

Original post.

Our own sexy mirror for download (thanks little-scale).

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