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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GIG: Soundbytes Lucky Number 13

"Despite the fact we have plans already in the works for another couple of future SoundBytes (both in Melbourne and outside it) all the way up til the middle of next year (or maybe a little after the middle ;)), that plan didn’t include a show before Square Sounds Melbourne. Then, we heard that a personal favourite of one of the SoundBytes team was coming to Australia, and we jumped on the opportunity to bring him down to Melbourne, show him a good time and have him play a show.

A_Rival has released not on ly some of the best hip-hop and rap to come out of the chip scene (with some exceptionally clever lyrics) he is also involved in numerous other projects, most recently the soundtrack for the fan made Street Fighter Vs Mega Man that seems to be gaining buzz all over the internet and it's only being released TODAY! By all accounts his live shows are super fun, and this will be his only Melbourne show.

Joined by cTrix, Derris-Kharlan, Maddest Kings Alive and - for his first SoundBytes in far too long – 10K. This show will be something extra special to start your countdown to Square Sounds Melbourne."

$10 pre sales:
Facebook event:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

READ: Dot.AY article in Bris street press

GIGS: Upcoming in Perth w/ Maddest Kings Alive and chr15m

Event two is called Stack The Halls II - Kringle Boogaloo and will take place Dec 21 at The Velvet Lounge.

Standard Deviation (Seb n Co)
Burgers of (three piece) Beef
the wine-dark sea
10 Bit Band
Adem K
maddest kings alive (vic) (ft chr15m)

Fabo event for the second gig right here.

Monday, November 26, 2012

little-scale SEGA MD / GEN MIDI interface pre-order round two!

little-scale has said that a PayPal button will appear on soon, for a second round of interfaces - $85AUD shipped worldwide.

More info in this cm.o thread.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Game Boy Australia Summer Tour ft/ Dot.AY & 10k

In the spirit of the original Game Boy Australia Tour (which saw two young idiots blast Game Boy noises at unassuming people) Dot.AY ( and 10k [aka Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families] ( have decided to celebrate their love of summer and touring and Game Boys once again! And what better way than to embark on another trip up and down the east coast's capital cities? 

Once again they'll be joined by friends in each state, including Australian chiptune heroes Slato, Abortifacient, godinpants and cTrix.

Here's how it goes down:

w/ Abortifacient and godinpants at Hermanns Bar.

w/ Tiger Beams, Slato and more at Wasteland.

w/ Scot Drakula and cTrix at Gasometer.

the legacy of the Game Boy Australia Tour:

Since the first 2008 tour both 10k and Dot.AY have gone on to play shows in NYC and Tokyo as well as been part of helping Australia's chip scene flourish from something almost non-existent to a healthy, talented and supportive scene that rivals even the larger cultural hubs.

Poster art by UI:

Facebook Event:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Square Sounds Festival Announced for Melbourne

The Square Sounds festival will begin in February 2013 with its Australian stop in Melbourne, the first in what is intended as a series of events that includes Tokyo, Japan, with plans in motion for cities in the future. The show, Australia's only festival focussed on Chipmusic and Retrotech will feature music inspired by & created with retro videogame hardware, forming the foundation for a 4 day party of pre and post events, workshops and maybe a few unexpected surprises

First round artist announcements (approximately half the lineup):
Cheapshot (UK/JP)
Chronic Sans (MEL)
cTrix (MEL)
Doshy (DE)
Jayson Haebich (MEL)
Mr. Spastic (US/IT)
Omodaka (JP)
Other Places (MEL)
starPause (US)

Monday, September 24, 2012

LISTEN: little-scale and Dot.AY's Loom in PMB podcast

The latest episode of Project Moonbase includes the track Loom for little-scale and Dot.AY's EP of the same title. Find out more/listen here.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LISTEN: Emergency! Emergency! EP (2007 Flashback)

This is a slightly personal post for me, as I used to live with the guy behind this EP. He was introduced to me by Dot.AY at one of our early shows together. His music was influential in my project's development. Now, after all this time, he's uploaded his EP to youtube for new people to hear. So you know, have a listen and remember what was; electro, sampling, yelling, chip, the works.

GAMEB0YZ - 0:57
GO! BABY GO! - 2:50
SHESHE - 5:00
HEY BABEZ - 7:59

Sunday, September 16, 2012

WATCH: cTrix at Eindbaas Preview

Here's hoping that there is footage of this whole show and that this timelapse is just a tease!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

LISTEN: Amanda Palmer feat. Dot.AY - Video Games [Lana Del Ray Cover]

This was debuted at Blip Fest Australia, however here is a completed version that was given to Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter backers. Awesomely, Dot.AY's parts of the track were created using little-scale's Sega interface

Monday, September 10, 2012

LISTEN: maddest kings alive - combat magick

There's some new fiyah from Melbourne's own maddest kings alive. Get on it ASAP.

GIG: SoundBytes 12! Sept 28, 2012

SoundBytes12 has a line up packed with friends from across the ditch, here to put their very kiwi stamp all over Melbourne’s chip scene. 

If you go online looking for ways to describe $noregazZzm ( no two explanations are alike. Some of the words used are ‘spastic’, ‘snotty’, ‘parodic disco’ ‘party oriented’ and ‘great fun’. He’s heading to Melbourne with frequent tour-mate Fauxhound (, who is self-described as “New Zealand’s answer to 10K” 

which pretty much will tell you everything you need to know about the type of insanity this show is going to be.

You may have been blown away by our other kiwi (who is now a based here in Burn city) A_Art ( at the last Soundbytes. We sure were and are super excited to have him back on a bill to join his countrymen this time around.

We haven’t forgotten the Aussies. Crowd favourite, cTrix ( will be fresh back from his European tour playing to huge crowds alongside some chip favourites like Henry Homesweet, Sabrepulse, Cheapshot and 8GB. Expect new tracks, old favourites, and as always, amazing tunes. Our other Melbournite, Pselodux (, returns to SoundBytes with amazing 80’s style, synth-leads, and prog rock stylings to get you dancing. Backing these guys up is Abortifacient ( playing his last Aussie show before he heads to Japan for a tour that includes Blip Tokyo!

Presale $10
Door $15


Monday, September 3, 2012

GIG: Death Rave, Sydney, Friday Sept 21, 2012

Featuring three dudes with mics screaming over gameboys, maybe an Atari or something, probably an Amiga, and two guys with cracked copies of Ableton. You may be trolled with moombahcore.

Fauxhound (NZ)
$noregazZm (NZ)
Bankai (MELB)
10k Freemen
DJ Source Invisible

Facebook event here.

Friday, August 31, 2012

GIG: 10k supporting sleepmakeswaves this Sunday Sept 2, 2012

This is happening Sunday. More info here on fabo.

ACMI Music Competition

ACMI have announced a competition for short game inspired music, with an obvious thought of getting Chipmusic entries. You can win a PS Vita amongst a bunch of other swag so check out the  full details at their page HERE

Thursday, August 30, 2012

LISTEN: Dot.AY featured on The Dolomites' Remix Compilation

Dot.AY has a remix of The Dolomites' Queen of the Game on this lil' release from Generation Bass. Continue to big up the chipbass all over the place! Listen below, it's the first track in the minimix!

Friday, August 24, 2012

MUSIC: Victory Road - Forever The Optimist

More Australian family putting out killer chipmusic. Not since AndyExpandy have we heard something this happy!

"More infuriatingly saccharin gameboy happy-uncecore by some idiot, inspired by the spirit of homogenized, saccharin defiance synonymous of early 00's pop-punk. If life gives you lemons, give life this EP."

Come talk about it over on cm.o.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chiptune Workshop, Melbourne Sat 6 Oct 2012

In this special Game Masters Intermix program you will have the exciting opportunity to make your own Chiptune soundtrack in an afternoon of performance, demos and creating.

Working with some of Melbourne's hottest sound and Chiptune artists, Dot.AY, Derris-Kharlan and cTrix, you'll be guided through all the steps of building your own 8 bit game soundtrack.

Intermix is supported by The Ian Potter Foundation. 

Dates   Sat 6 Oct 2012, 2pm
Location   Studio 1
Admission   Free > Limited capacity. Register by emailing   

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anti Laptop Music Night #1 - August 16th - Feat. Dot.AY (Melbourne) + Others

The first Anti Laptop Music Event is here, with four diverse acts from Adelaide and Melbourne.

Sets include anything that has electricity running through it but isn't a laptop.

Dot.AY (MLB)

game boy-based glitch chip bassmusic


Tristan Louth-Robins
minimalism and drone music through technology


organic harsh noise performance


little-scale + reanimatedocean
handmade digital sounds with feedback and lofi vis

Be there at eight. Listen to some cool music. Hang out with your pals at Format on Peel st.
Bring some cake if you know how to bake. Destroy everything.

$5 entry.

Fabo event is here and stuff:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Canvasser Game to feature Derris-Kharlan soundtrack

This lil' game is is going to have a Derris-Kharlan soundtrack if it sees the light of day. Support the shit out of it, then we get to hear it and play. Seven days to go!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

V​/​A - Handheld Heroes Volume One ft/ little-scale

Well, here we go! This shits is finally out and it features a track from Adelaide's little-scale (giving me enough justification to post it here).

Check the video and stream the whole dealio below:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

GIG: 10k tonight at The Sando (Sydney) w/ Maux Faux

So this is the amazing band I'm playing with tonight at the Sando in Newtown. Oh wait, there's a Blink 182 cover band consisting of two members of the above band as well. This is going to rule.

Facebook event.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Video: cTrix live at #Blip12NY official afterparty

I/O Chip Music Compilation vol. 1 featuring Dot.AY

There's a new compilation from I/O that seems to feature artists that have played at New York's I/O nights. Australia's Dot.AY performed in May of 2011 and thus features on this bad boy. The whole compilation is great, listen/buy below.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Zealand Chip Mini-Doco


Here is a little documentary on the New Zealand Chipmusic scene! Great to see the bros over the gap making some noise!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Game Masters @ ACMI: Workshops and Performances

The Australian Center for the Moving Image is having a Video Game Exhibit on over winter called Game Masters. As part of this there will be a Chiptune workshop run by Dot.AY, cTrix and Derris-Kharlan on the 28th of July (its free but spaces are limited Register by emailing

Then on the 21st of August Dot.AY will be providing musical entertainment between the "Someone Else's Skin" panel (follow the link for full details and ticketing).

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Soundbytes 11 Full Video + Recordings

The wonderful Aday who set up the livestream of the last Soundbytes has encoded and uploaded every single live set from the show, watch the visuals by Abortifacient and iLKke and sets from Slato, A Art, Derris-Kharlan, DF0:BAD, Maddest Kings Alive, Dot.AY and Peaches the Wale. You can also download the highquality audio here if you like!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Flashback 2012 - Sydney Demoscene event

9th 10th & 11th.

There are some whispers of a live performance from Chainsaw Police.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peaches The Wale scores custom DS XM/MOD Player

"A few days ago I received an e-mail from a tiny whale. Well, I have to admit it isn't something I've seen really often. They call her "Peaches the Wale" [sic], and she's a musician who recently composed some MOD tunes on her Commodore Amiga. You can see her in this video.
Now she's been invited to have some concerts around, and she realized it wouldn't be very feasible to drag the Amiga with her... so she found on the Internet the XM/MOD player I wrote for the Nintendo DS using libXM7library, but she needed some additional features:
  • the module should load and be ready for replay, instead of starting immediately
  • it should be possible to stop and restart the module from the current pattern
  • it should be possible to skip to next or to previous pattern while stopped or even while playing
  • the program should visually show the number of the current pattern and the total number of patterns in the module
  • the music output should be mono, for her DJ mixer.
I really couldn't refuse giving her my help, so I compiled my player again in a different version with the requested features. I called it XM7dj and of course it's available for everybody who might need it. Download it here. I hope you enjoy!"

-Quoted from A DS Homebrewer's Diary

Thursday, May 3, 2012

GIG: SoundBytes 11 • 26 May, Melbourne

Anyone who is seriously into chipmusic realises that Blip Festival  NY is coming up.  We know Melbourne just had it’s own Blip Festival, but since most of you (and us) can’t make it to NY, so we’re starting a revolution and having our own chip show gathering, right here in Melbourne over the same weekend.
That’s right, SoundBytes is back for our first post-Blip show, with a new night and a new venue and some new names who are lighting up the chipmusic scene.
First up for his first SoundBytes we have Slato, who was a regular at Mana Bar Brisbane’s “Pocket Music” nights. You may have seen his awesome performance at the recent open mic, and he’s bringing his gameboys back to Melbourne to get you moving.
Next up, Rebelling against the game boys we have a double shot of Amiga epicness from two of Sydney’s finest.DF0:BAD, who you may have previously seen performing as Vicious Cyclist will be a gabber kick to the face, while Australia’s favourite performing “wale”, Peaches, along with her dad godinpants, will be performing amazing aquatic inspired jungle d&b for your listening pleasure.
Of course, we haven’t forgotten our local talent, with Maddest Kings AliveDerris-Kharlan and dot.AY rounding out what is sure to be a stellar lineup. And, just for a little something extra special, with an AV setup like The Order has (trust us it’s amazing!), we’d be crazy not to have visuals too to round out the evening so for the first time at SoundBytes we have Abortifcient and iLKke (yeah the guy that makes our amazing posters!!) ensuring that you’re not only getting the audio chip experience but spectacular visuals too.
$15 on the door, $10 presales here.

¡Viva la Revolución!

Details via cm.o.

Video: Blip Festival: Five Years

Lots of good words from cTrix in here and it comes just in time to depress everyone who isn't going to Blip 2012!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GIG: Next SoundBytes date revealed

Announced moments ago on twitter... "Save the date! 26/05/12, SoundBytesXI at The Order of Melbourne. Can't get to @blipfestival? Get your chip fix here! #SBXI"


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Listen: xandox's "Towards The Unknown"

A new release out from Adelaide-based Game Boy/LSDJ artist, xandox. Listen, download, enjoy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pre-order "Chiptography | Blip Festival | New York City | Five Years" book

"A comprehensive photographic record of chip musicians who’ve played New York City’s Blip Festival, from the first wintry event at The Tank in 2006 through the 2007 show at Eyebeam, the 2008 and 2009 shows at The Bell House, and the spring 2011 return to Eyebeam. Blip Festival | New York City | Five Years represents thousands of hours of work by Chiptography in documenting the New York City chip music scene’s most important yearly event."

This book features photos of Aussie bros including little-scale, cTrix and myself.

Head over here to pre-order a copy if you're interested.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Listen: Chip For Cancer compilation

If the cause alone wasn't reason enough to post about this release, the fact that Aussie chipbro Victory Road is on it should help!

"It's here. This thing is awesome. It is filled to the brim with all kinds of delicious tasty musical goodness. So many awesome tracks on here by so many awesome artists. This marks a big point in chiptune history! We can work together to help the world be a better place with our music. Now I don't want to dramble on and on about how great we are, but I am certainly proud of what we have done. Anyway! compilati

Pay what you want, $5 minimum! All of the profit goes directly to the BCRF. They say 90% of the money they take goes toward research and awareness. Best numbers I found."

GIG: DEATH RAVE - Friday 13th Chiptune Party, Sydney

On Friday the 13th of April (a few days time) at a secret Inner West warehouse location there will be a party. A sinister chiptune party.

Gentle Hurst
Peaches the Wale
Victory Road

Attend the event on Facebook for info on the location closer to the date.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

GenMDM available for pre order!

The new GenMDM is available for pre-oder at

"GenMDM is a music interface for your SEGA Genesis or Mega Drive console.

Use GenMDM to write sweet chiptunes using your favourite MIDI / audio sequencing software.

GenMDM will appear as a MIDI output device on your Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer.

GenMDM will respond to MIDI notes and MIDI CC data, and will give you a high degree of real time control over the sound chips inside of the SEGA console.

All voices and sound functions of the SEGA console can be controlled via MIDI."

GIG: Beat The System w/ Abortifacient

Last minute gig notification from Facebook...

"This week, we'll be doing our regular thing - providing members with free drink and sweet tunes to round out a hard day at uni.

Bands and DJ's from 5pm.


Beat Odyssey DJ's

Hermann's Bar. Starts in one hour and 40 minutes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GIG: JoyPad, 14th April, Adelaide

JoyPad is a monthly retro gaming and chiptunes night put on by Retrospekt.

This months it's on Saturday the 14th of April.

Play retro games on the big screen while resident DJ's DK81, Aliyaki, 5K1P crank out some rockin' 8-bit beats!

This month we have xandox performing live and promoting his new EP "Towards the Unknown" and guest DJ Super BC Kid (from Neko Nation) will cook up an audible storm.

Doors open at 9PM
$2 entry.
18+ event
"Two Ships" near 126 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA 5000

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Video: Saitone live at #BlipAU

Listen: Square 0ne - The Tried And Tested EP

Here is some new chipmusic from a new Australian chipmusic artist from Armidale, NSW. There is plenty of lo-fi grit, gabber kicks and random samples. Give it a gander.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Listen: Four Litres of Remix (Bankai vs Abortifacient round 2)

So, remember that badass track from our aggressive (yet handsome) bros Abortifacient and Bankai? Well, now is your chance to listen to it another five times without getting sick of it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video: 10k EP teaser

A few days ago I put up a vid of me yelling to promote the fact I have a new EP on the way. I didn't think to post it here on GBA... But now that a site called "CHUCKING A MOSH" has posted about it, I guess I should post it here too, eh? BEFORE IT GOES FULL VIRAL.

Review: Retospekt writes up #BlipAU

"I consider Melbourne to be a home away from home. The vibrancy of the city and what it has to offer just astounds me! From the smallest of things like the great breakfast places and putting kebabs in Turkish bread to the eclectic choice of gigs, venues and music festivals in which to participate, perform and attend. I performed many moons ago in gigs around the city mainly playing experimental electronic music and while I miss the rush and fun factor of being able to showcase my artwork with other like-minded folk, it was also a relief to be on the other side of the stage for a change."

Read the rest of the review here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Event: Music Hack Day Sydney: April 28 & 29 2012

“This is about hacking purely for the hell of it. There are no commercial agendas, no constraints, just a chance to work with other like-minded people and make cool shit. This is art, made with ones and zeroes and a massive love for music"

"The way that we create, consume and appreciate music is changing every day, and hacking will be a key part of shaping the future of music for everyone. In Australia, developers need to connect more deeply with each other and with from those from around the world. Music Hack Day Sydney means we can all help to create what the future will look like".
- Dave McKinney, Filter Squad

While not specifically chip, there is no reason there can't be some chiptalk here, especially if a bunch of us head down. Head over here for more info and to register for free.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video: #BlipAU feature story on ABC TV's Spawn Point

Following Good Game's coverage of Blip Festival Australia, the ABC has now re-done the piece with plenty of new footage for their kids gaming program, Spawn Point.

Check it out on this page, and can be downloaded here.

Thanks to Kirsty for the hot tip.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Listen: Peaches The Wale debut Amiga EP

Drummer of godinpants and cute fuzzy mini-whale Peaches has decided to release an album of her own.

Written entirely on amiga, Peaches (with help from her dad) has produced some aquatic inspire jungle and drum and bass for you to listen to.

She is quite a small whale and is very proud of her music. She doesn't get much pocket money because she is only young, so any money spent will be given to Peaches.

Chat about it here on cm.o.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Video: little-scale's Most People Are Boring trailer

A trailer for the little-scale release "most people are boring" mentioned earlier.

Huoratron’s first album ‘Cryptocracy’ to be released in Australia May 11th 2012 via Shock Records

"From the metal-hewn flatlands of Finland comes a dark new force in electronic music

Huoratron’s first full-length album ‘Cryptocracy’ to be released in Australia
May 11th 2012 on Last Gang Records via Shock Records."

"Huoratron came to life in 2003, the brainchild of DJ/producer/mad 8-bit scientist Aku Raski. The bearded one’s beginnings are shadowy, as are his methods: There are reports that he was discovered at a Nordic metal festival, and that he’s developed a bit of code that mutates a track every time it’s downloaded, making it unique to every individual listener."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tunechip's "Taro" added to Triple J's Unearthed digital station

So this fella is now playing on DAB+ radio across the country thanks to Unearthed radio. Here is a little more from his Unearthed page:

Genre: Electronic, Pop
Region: Melbourne, VIC
Members: Jack
Influences: Madeon, Scott Joplin, Chiptune
Artist Website:

"This is some precisely executed chiptune with bounciness and neon vibes to spare."
Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

"I love videogame electro as much as the next guy... but the melodies in this tune slay regardless of any novelty factor. Well done!"
Nicole Cheek, triple j

Video: little-scale live at #BlipAU with Poppi Doser

Monday, March 12, 2012

"#Seapunk: totally a thing" by Alex Yabsley

If the fact that this article was written by Dot.AY wasn't enough, the post's inclusion of videos from Blip Festival performances and popular chip artists citing the origins of there #seapunk genre (read: meme) should be.

Listen: little-scale's Most People Are Boring.

New release from little-scale, with sexy chip sounds and footwork-influenced beats. So, so hot.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Video: Dot.AY live at #BlipAU

GIG: Nullsleep and cTrix in Mexico

CoolTrix from Melbourne in Mehicooo!

Details pinched from this cm.o thread.

Nullsleep and c-Trix
Presented by Bandtastic at Caradura
Nuevo León #73, Col. Condesa | view map
Mexico City, Mexico
9:00PM doors
$250 MXN admission | 18+

Listen: Maddest Kings Alive's "Smoke Joint"

Shit son, I love me some Maddest Kings Alive. You do too. That's why you'll listen and download below. Is there more to come?

Video: #BlipAU feature story on ABC TV's Good Game

Well, well, well! Australian chipmusic has featured on Good Game once more! Blip Festival Australia brought the heat in what (in our opinion) is actually a reasonably well constructed piece. It is great to really drive home how far our wonderful scene has come since April 2009, when our music was last featured on the show (mainly thanks to Kristy and Eugene of SoundBytes). Batsly, Bit Shifter, _ensnare_, Kristy and cTrix were, of course, awesome. #feelsgoodman #musicofthefuture #visualDJ

The piece can be streamed or download online here.

Have a chat about it here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

GIG: 15/03 Dot.AY + Outerwaves @ Gasometer

Brisbane Kids in Melbourne on
Thursday 15th of March at
Gasometer, Brubswick St, Fitzroy


GIG: The Burrow (including little-scale) live at FRINGE!

"The Burrow is a project of SA double bassist Lyndon Gray that explores the unique instrumentation of two double basses, guitar, drums and electronics. The existing two sets of music consist of equal measures of through-composed and improvised content, exploiting the strengths and contrasts of the Jazz and Electronic styles. The sonorities of the two double basses (Lyndon Gray and Sam Zerna) is at the centre of the sound with the composer’s intimate knowledge of the instrument conjuring up some unique effects.

Drummer Hugh Harvey and guitarist Hugh Stuckey complete the core quartet but their roles are not as strictly defined as in a regular jazz quartet allowing greater scope for their creativity.

Seb Tomczak in his role as music technologist adds a further dimension to the group with his manipulation of Gameboy sounds, dot matrix printer noises and white noise. The program was premiered in 2010 as part of the Jazz SA Artist in Residence program where it was performed over three nights. All the performers involved have performed nationally and internationally in their own right and have collaborated with elite improvising musicians here and abroad."

5 March, 2012, 8:00pm (2 Sets)
The Wheatsheaf

Video: Monodeer live at #BlipAU

Video: 10k live at #BlipAU

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Video: Blip Fest Tokyo 2011 afterparty

This party was hosted by the wonderful SoundBytes and featured a bunch of Aussies, including myself.

Sorry if I put the vids in the wrong order...

Video: Patric Catani live at #BlipAU

Full set! So Good!

Listen: Lazerbeat Live at #BlipAU 2012

Although Lazerbeat is not a real Australian (we all know that sometimes he wishes he was) we thought we'd post up this set to commemorate his first ever live set on our beautiful red land. Oh and did we mention that the source files are included in the download?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Press: Brief History of Chipmusic on TMN

This great feature article was put up on The Music Network today. Written by our very own Tom Gilmore it is one of only a few examples of Chipmusic being well researched and properly represented in the media. Give it a read HERE.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

GIG: Kidd Kaos ft. cTrix, Melbourne

So here is a pretty crazy dance event going down in Melbourne that happens to have cTrix playing on the, wait for it, "Psy-Trance & Chip" level. Here is some info from the fabo page:

"HARD KANDY & 3D NIGHTCLUB is proud to present:

(K405 Records)

Fri 24th Feb 2012

10pm - 6am
CBD Nightclub
14 McKillop St. City

Welcome to 2012,
And what better way to kick of the year in style, is bringing together 2 Friday Night Rave Titans. Hard Kandy & 3D Nightclub. Back at it, once again. 3 Levels of madness, 3 levels of complete top to bottom décor installations, 3 levels of fun, rockin tunes, and bouncing dance floors. From Hard Dance to Hard Trance, House Electro to Dub-Step, and Psy-trance to Chip music. There is definitely something for all.

Heading back to our shores, is a member of the hard kandy extended family. KIDD KAOS is back. We can’t wait to see what the Kidd has in store, this time around. And with our special guest on the third level, C-Trix. A live performer and performance, that needs to be seen, to be believed. Did someone say gAtari 2600?"

Here's the fabo event for the full lineup... and here is where you buy tickets.

Finally, below is that amazing gAtari video one more time!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Video: Trash80 - Vicious Extended Live Version at #BlipAU

Video: Derris-Kharlan using DrunkeNES at the #BlipAU afterparty

DrunkeNES by Batsly Adams.

Listen to more chipbros on Australian radio!

Blip was the perfect time for Australian chip to assalt Australian radio. It was so hard to keep up with it all that I asked the wonderful Kristy (co-organiser and co-promoter of both SoundBytes and #BlipAU) to tell me who she organised to go where so we could cover it all!

Here is what went down:

• Abortifacient appeared on PBS' Zen Arcade, listen here.
• Dot.AY appeared on RRR, listen here.
• Dot.AY put together a mix for JJJ's soundlab (which we're hunting down and will repost with audio).
• The Art Of Bleep, also on PBS rocked some Blip Artists here and here and also chatted to cTrix, Trash80 and SoundBytes/Blip co-everything Celsius.

And as selfishly posted earlier, Abortifacient and I performed live on FBi radio's New Weird Australia, which has supported Australian chipmusic for a while now.

Video: Blip Festival Australia 2012 - GIF Tour

jubeisaotome produced this sweet vid. Tune is by little-scale.

Podcast: Abortifacient and 10k on New Weird Australia

Sean and I performed live on FBi's New Weird Australia program before Blip. From the NWA (hah!) blogpost:

"In Episode 22 of the NWA Podcast series, we celebrate Australian chiptune with two artists who recently represented the city of Sydney at Australia’s first international chiptune festival, Blipfest which took place mid-February 2012 in Melbourne. 10 Thousand Free Men And Their Families and Abortifacient both came into the NWA studio to have a chat and play a live set ahead of the Festival event, and to give us an insight into how they found their way into chiptune in the first place.

Sean from Abortifacient has taken his work overseas, playing with the likes of Ove-Naxx, and touring to Japan, UK, Spain. He blends breakcore into his chiptune, and his seemingly relentless schedule of releases recently gave us the succinctly titled ‘my name is Abortifacient’. Tom from 10K describes himself as “a guy who yells at Game Boys” and – when you hear the live set he plays at the start of this session, you’ll know why.

This session originally aired on 9th February 2012."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Video: #BlipAU in 26 seconds

Filmed and cut by eggbro.

Video: Amanda Palmer & Dot.AY at #BlipAU

There is more about this collab (and more of her tits, it seems) on Palmer's blog.


Well, well, well! If #BlipAU wasn't enough for you, now there is another chance to keep the chip levels high. From the fabo event page:

"Some of breakcore's finest going head to head against the cream of the chiptunes scene - not to be missed!

DJ Scuzzbag
+more TBC

and on visuals:

BYO alcohol / snacks.
The location/directions will be sent on the day to all Facebook attendees. For this party we are adding a 800w sub to the already hefty Public Disgrace PA which should keep all the bass fiends happy. Unfortunately the cost is now $10 (but if you're terribly skint it's ok we won't beat you up over it)."

For more info on artists, there are some good descriptions on the event page.

EDIT: I've been told that MADDEST KINGS ALIVE has been added to the bill. Hell yes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Blip Australia parties, workshops and tickets!

Well, well, well... here it is. More Blip hype for your week.

First things first, we are running our own, deliciously endorsed afterparty.

• When-Sunday, 19/02
5pm - 10pm
• Cost-FREE!
• Venue-Brunswick Hotel Beer Garden
140 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
• Getting There
-By tram: Route 19 Runs down Sydney Rd. The venue is on the corner of Barkly St and Sydney Rd.

By train: Take the Upfield line to Jewell station, the venue is only two blocks away.
• What-Australia's best chipmusic news blog, Game Boy Australia presents a chilled way to end your Blip Weekend with a selection of beer, sunshine and a chance to hear not only some chip, but DJ sets featuring tracks that have inspired some of your favourite artists.

With sets by -

cTrix (MEL)
Bankai (MEL)
Maddest Kings Alive (MEL)

& more TBC
There are some other awesome events, including a pre-party (with Rubijaq (BNE), Godinpants (SYD), Pselodux (MEL) and MEN64 (NSW) all involved.


To check out workshops and pre/post event stuffs click here.

To buy Blip tickets, head here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Patric Catani does Australia and New Zealand

"Fantastic news! – It´s all 100% confirmed that there will be a tour in Australia and New Zealand happening in Feb.2012.

This is the plan for now, more shows will be confirmed and announced.

4th of Feb. – Sydney, Dirty Shirlows (AU)
9th of Feb. – Auckland, Whammy Bar (NZ)
11th of Feb. – Wellington, Camp A Low Hum (NZ)
17th of Feb. – Melbourne, Blip Fest (AU)
26th of Feb. – Brisbane, X&Y Bar (AU)

1st of March. – Wollongong tba
2nd of March – Sydney tba"

New Zealand Chiptune Compilation

In the spirit of Australia stealing all of New Zealand's best acts as our own, we'll be claiming this little nugget as well.

"Finally being released, hosting on mediafire but feel free to host it anywhere else! This picture is not the final artwork, unfortunately, but the final is attached to the mp3s in the zip file!! Artwork by Henry Thompson aka Apricorn

Domestic Bliss - Old Grey Wolf
herps not derps - Grease Monkey
>:| - Dracula Factory
Infected Flesh Decay - Mortal Execution
looolbounce - Futurnari
Frozen Man Winter Song - $noregazZzm
Salamander - Apricorn
Back of My Mind - Futurnari/Fauxhound
### - WAOTS
Speak Nothing - A Art
Door to Door - Fauxhound"

Original post.

Our own sexy mirror for download (thanks little-scale).

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