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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Freeplay Independent Games Festival ft. SoundBytes DJs

So yeah, this is happening again. August 17-21 in Melbourne. Friday the 19th will boast "Chiptunes DJs /via SoundBytes - CTrix, Derris-Kharlan, Pselodux and Maddest Kings Alive" ... check the program for more details and tickets.

More on Freeplay, plucked straight from their About Us page.

Freeplay is Australia’s longest running independent games festival exploring the intersection of indie development, culture, arts and education.

Since 2004, the Freeplay festival has presented a unique mix of panels, lectures, and hands-on gaming to a diverse audience of gamers, developers, artists, musicians, writers, film-makers, reviewers, educators, and the general public. As games emerge as the dominant art-form of the 21st century, Freeplay is committed to exploring the creative and artistic opportunities of the form, showcasing the best of local indie development to the world, critiquing and analysing the surrounding creative culture, bringing the world’s best developers to Melbourne, and reframing and re-presenting videogames outside of their usual environments.

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