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Friday, July 22, 2011

Super Pocket Music Warehouse Edition!

The first Pocket Music mini-festival encompassing Music, VJ's, DJ's, Installations and Retro-Gaming!

Contortionist Studios, Lucinda St, Woolloongabba, Saturday August 6th, 7pm Doors bands at 8pm, $10 entry (go to Mana Bar Monthly Pocket Music, Thursday August 4th to get discounted entry and drink vouchers)

Supported by Small Lakes and Zed Games.

Maddest Kings Alive (Melb)
godinpants (Syd)

VJ's: Gentlehurst (Syd), Warren Handley + Joe Baker, Leif Gifford
Micronations DJ's

DOOMSPLAY: An interactive installation that allows participants to save the city from invaders (possibly from space)
Finally there will be a bar with cheap drinks and a Retro Gaming zone that only has consoles created before the turn of the century and TV's with busted colour tubes.

Facebook event here!
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