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Friday, July 22, 2011

Super Pocket Music Warehouse Edition!

The first Pocket Music mini-festival encompassing Music, VJ's, DJ's, Installations and Retro-Gaming!

Contortionist Studios, Lucinda St, Woolloongabba, Saturday August 6th, 7pm Doors bands at 8pm, $10 entry (go to Mana Bar Monthly Pocket Music, Thursday August 4th to get discounted entry and drink vouchers)

Supported by Small Lakes and Zed Games.

Maddest Kings Alive (Melb)
godinpants (Syd)

VJ's: Gentlehurst (Syd), Warren Handley + Joe Baker, Leif Gifford
Micronations DJ's

DOOMSPLAY: An interactive installation that allows participants to save the city from invaders (possibly from space)
Finally there will be a bar with cheap drinks and a Retro Gaming zone that only has consoles created before the turn of the century and TV's with busted colour tubes.

Facebook event here!
Follow us on Tumblr @!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sulumi at Melbourne Festival

China's first Chipmusic artist Sulumi having played at Blip Festival 2008 and releasing a single on Bleepstreet he is definitely a large player in the international chipscene and he is coming to Australia.
At this stage it seems his only show will be as part of Melbourne Festival on Sunday October 9th
Tickets are $25 and he is supported by Qua (link)
Check out his soundcloud and realise you should prob head to Melbourne to catch this show, I will be.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Death Rave: Chipmusic Warehouse Party

ALLCAPS Records Presents:
Death Rave: Chiptune Warehouse Party.
Featuring an 8-Bit Arcade, bringing redundant gaming consoles back to life for one night only.

After recently annihilating Blip Fest in New York, cTrix (Melbourne) will pummel you with low-fi house from his two Commodore Amigas. Guaranteed you won't stay still.

Also fresh from a US tour, Dot.AY (Brisbane) brings twisted CHIPBASS wobbles and evolving reggaeton rhythms.

Abortifacient and Bankai double team your arse with a back to back versus set of electro, drumstep, and utterly devastating basslines.

Vicious Cyclist's discordant melodies, hard breaks, and positive attitude towards motorists will leave you feeling warm and confused.

godinpants with a little g is a punk. His epic wall of distorted doom bass and gameboy beats will leave your pants heavier.

Straight outta Cronulla, Gentle Hurst prefers you.

9pm - 3am
19 Sydney St, Marrickville
Near Sydenham Station

****Same Night as the 10k gig at Oxford Arts... Just go to both!!!*****

Bankai vs Abortifacient "4 litres of hope"

Sydney Gameboy everything-core voodoo priest Abortifacient teamed up with beat and bass samurai Bankai from Melbourne and together they have created this absolute monster of a track.
Head over to for the full gif experience and pick up a download code from one of their shows..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fauxhound self titled

New Zealand chip kid Fauxhound has released a 5 track EP of gameboy chup with lo-fi trash rap vocals you can download it for free now on his bandcamp.

Triforce debut release

New Sydney 8bit dance pop duo recently released their debut EP. They are currently charting fairly high in the Triple J Unearthed electronic charts with their mish-mash amalgamation of genres.. check it out here ..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

little-scale, xandox and DJ DK81 live at Adelaide's AVCON2011

This year's AVCON2011 Games Night will feature performances by little-scale and xandox, and a DJ set by DK81. Let's party.

When: July 23rd from 6pm onwards
Where: Adelaide Convention Centre, Video Games Hall
Cost: $5 (free for AVCON ticket holders)

xandox: Full Spectrum EP

Grab the awesome new EP by Adelaide-based Game Boy musician xandox here:!

Freezedream's Today finally released for FREE!

Many, many people have asked and now it has finally happened. Freezedream has released the ROM and tunes from Today for free. Now his fantastic tunes will spread further and the wonder of his Sega Gen/Megadrive cart release can be experienced by more! Joy!

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