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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Pocket Music is back at Mana Bar bringing you the best new up and coming chiptune artists out of Brisbane!

8pm FINAGRIN: debut show for this Brisbane artist who will be bringing his energetic melodic gameboy tracks to the Mana Bar.

9pm SLATO: Dual Gameboy epicness moving between ambient chords and banging dance.

10pm RUBIJAQ: Bass heavy glitch destruction, noise to make you move.

Also if you or someone you know make 8bit, chipmusic, videogame remixes or videogame inspired music we will be having our first open mic from 7pm
View the details and register your interest on the Pocket Music Facebook page (here)

Facebook event here!

Chipmusic thread.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go to SoundBytes9 for free!

"Wanna come to SoundBytes for FREE?! Over the next 3 weeks between now and SB9 we're running a little competition!

Week 1 (til 26/06) post on your facebook status "I'm a fan of chipmusic and SoundBytes brings the best of it to Melbourne" with a link to our page or do the same thing on your twitter status mentioning @SoundbytesOz to go in the draw to win a double pass to SoundBytes 9 on 8/7.

We'll be giving away 1 double pass to a randomly chosen winner each week. Plus, at the end of the three weeks all those entries will go in a draw to win a prize pack that includes a Soundbytes tee, stickers and other goodies!

Good luck!" - SoundBytes Blog

Monday, June 20, 2011

Maddest Kings Alive - luv

Sound Bytes 9: Sydney Showcase

More info to come as it arrives. But for now... FUCK YEAAAH.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

cTrix Full Blip Set on Free Music Archive

"It was the second night of Blip, I was the last act on, and already so many amazing sets had gone down. That’s the definition of being nervous right there!! Especially when more than half the tunes you have planned are new and haven't been played in front of an audience. But from the outset the crowd were amazing and from random crowd surfers landing on the stage to Luke (of Anamanaguchi) demanding an encore - it was one big party the whole time. Most of this set is played from an Amiga 1200 booted up in Amiga 500 mode and all written for a 512kb unexpanded machine. The third and forth tunes are played from an Atari 2600 strapped onto a guitar-style neck and run though a Bass EQ and old Boss Delay stomp box affectionately known as the gAtari! The set ended when the crowd stormed the stage during the last song and subsequently stomped on the master XLR cables dislodging the earth cable and sending the stage into a buzzing chaos. It couldn’t have been a more fun and spontaneous show! Much love to the Blip orgs and everyone who came that night. And for those that missed it, I hope you enjoy the energy and craziness that this recording managed to capture!" -cTrix

Video: Dot.AY Live @ Blipfest Tokyo 2010 Afterparty

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Video: little-scale Live @ Retrospekt 2.0 Launch

Sorry guys, we really missed the boat on the 3rd Anniversary and Launch Party. To make up for the fact that we didn't let you know it was on, here is some video of little-scale's set.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10k Full Blip Set on Free Music Archive

Blip Festival has a curatorial account on Free Music Archive and occasionally upload whole sets from the festival. you can now go listen and download Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families full live set including two versions of Leaving Home (one that fucks up).. DO IT


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rubijaq: Unrealeased Compilation 1 & 2

Rubijaq from Brisbane has put out two EP's of his material to date, I guess as a way of packaging up his unreleased tracks and moving on. There is a definite consistency in sound between the tracks which is impressive for a relative newcomer to the scene. Really great dirty glitchy chip bass.. stay tuned to Rubijaq happenings on his Soundcloud.


"Australian and Relative newcomer to the chip-scene, Rubijaq has quickly earned himself a name in Brisbane, playing at the regular Pocket Music nights.

Bass heavy and with no shortage of wobble, yug and gabber gigs, Rubijaq delivers the dirty chip bass the Brisbane scene is becoming known for. Split into two parts, it's easy to see the huge steps Rubijaq has taken in production and writing, and it's still early days! Expect much more in the future!"

download these NOW!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Full Blip sets captured on Video: cTrix and 10k

There was a lot that happened at Blip, and in the week surrounding it. Australians were there in great numbers. Dot.AY and Derris-Kharlin killed their Blip-weeks sets. Hopefully videos of those sets will surface soon, but for now, thanks to the Chip Music Chronicle, here are the sets that cTrix (featuring guitari) and I delivered at Blip Festival 2011. Yep, I am self-centered... Also, I believe Dot.AY is going to give a full Blip-Week rundown soon, so stay posted.

10k, Nullsleep, SKGB and NOCARRIER at 8STATIC in June

Saturday, June 11th, 2011
7:00pm at Studio 34 - all ages - no alcohol inside!

$8 / $5 with RSVP on Google form:

Music by:
Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families (AUS)
Nullsleep (NYC)

Visuals by:

Don’t forget – open mic is every month. Show up at 7pm to sign up and play a song before the main show begins.

Pre-show event: TBA

For all the info (and a live stream on the night), check out
Facebook event

cTrix interviewed at Blip for Viva Amiga


Chiptune artists ctrix, 4Mat, Stagediver and Bit Shifter at Blipfest 2011...using Amigas in live performances and proclaiming their awesomeness. Check ctrix also playing a Gatari! (DIY atari guitar)."

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