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Monday, May 9, 2011

abrasive's drag and drop, battery-less, USB Game Boy cart project update

Drag'n'Derp lives:

So, no update on this for a while; real life has been keeping me busy. Nonetheless, I have found some time recently to get another tranche of work done on the cart design, to the point of having a couple of working prototypes now in testing.

  • 24MBit (3MByte) flash ROM
  • 1MBit (128KByte) Ferroelectric RAM
    Instead of battery-backed SRAM, the cart uses F-RAM, which maintains its contents in the absence of power, and has a data retention span on the order of a hundred years.
  • USB mass storage emulation
    The cart appears similar to a thumb drive, allowing ROM and RAM contents to be copied via drag and drop. No drivers are required, and supports all USB-capable platforms.
Check abrasive's blog post for the full update.

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