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Friday, April 8, 2011

Triforce and Sky Crawlers: more chip in Sydney

Sorry for the "10k's Diary" type post here. This style of blogging has never really been a big feature of GBA (which I generally like), but a few things have happened recently that deserve attention. It seems two acts that I (and I am sure others) have been vaguely aware of have just knocked it up a gear in Sydney. After recently meeting Friendly Mike of Sky Crawlers, it has become apparent that these guys are planning on doing something big, sometime soon.

Check out: Triforce and Sky Crawlers.

Both these acts (which I understand to be friends in some way) have developed followings, using chipsounds in the overall pallet of their respective dance/post-hardcore/other style tunes. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Will it move deeper into the insular, global chipscene? Will it take another route? Who the fuck knows? I look forward to finding out.

Have a squiz at this recently uploaded promo clip from Triforce.

Triforce Promo 2011 from Triforce on Vimeo.

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