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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soundbytes 8 ft. Cheapsh0t

The headliner for SoundBytes 8 is an absolute highlight of the live chipmusic scene in Tokyo.
His music is dark and gritty, and full of bass so heavy, the airlines are going to have issues with luggage restrictions when he makes the trip here from Tokyo.

The lineup, of course doesn’t end there, and we have some of our most crowd pleasing artists filling out the lineup. Interstate favourites, 10K (SYD), godinpants (SYD) and dot.AY (BNE) will be making their way to town, and both godinpants and dot.AY have new EPs, so plenty of new tunes for your listening pleasure. We also have local talent from cTrix, and a newcomers to SoundBytes Pselodux, who you may have seen at one of his many shows around the local traps and local democene heavyweight Raor bringing some evil amrigacore to the mix.

Get yourself along to ladida on 18/03

$12 on the door, $10 presales.
Talk about how excited you are in this thread.

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