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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[ADL, AUS] 26 - 28/09 Lyndon Gray's "The Burrow" with little-scale

Playing a few live shows with a four piece jazz ensemble in late September, performing a few pieces written by Lyndon Gray. I'll be playing laptop, game boy, dot matrix printer and maybe some sega master system. Also on stage will be two double bassists, a guitarist and a drummer.

When: September 26 - 28, 7.30 +
Where: The Promethean (
Cost: $15 / $10 (from or at the door)

"This new project will incorporate a quartet "The Burrow" (notable for the use of two double basses) and also an electronic artist.
The material will be all original and specifically written for the ensemble. The music is long form and suite-like (two pieces to accommodate two sets) comprised of approximately half improvised music and half through composed, the electronic element working in a "soundscape" as well as a rhythmic role.

This project will also incorporate a "sound designer". Borrowing a concept from the theatre world utilising the sound engineer as the sixth creative element. Given the unusual nature of the line up the "sound designer" will control and direct the overall production of the series and contribute ideas on setting up the space and other aspects of the sonic product."

Lyndon Gray, Sam Zerner – bass, Hugh Stuckey – guitar, Hugh Harvey – drums, Seb Tomczak - electronic artist


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