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Monday, August 30, 2010

Videos from DEATH RAVE

More on Electrofringe

"Mike Rosenthal, the operator of New York City's The Tank, is set to share his insight on what it is like to run an art space inches from Times Square."

"Electrofringe will also be hosting a Blip showcase on the Thursday. Artists include Nullsleep (USA), Bit Shifter (USA) and Henry Homesweet (UK), with many other local acts also on the bill."

(via The Music Network)

Soundbytes 6 : Superstars ft. Nullsleep & Bit Shifter

It's been a while between shows, but for those of you who have been waiting and wondering about the return of Melbourne's only regular chip night, not only is the wait over but we have an extra special lineup to thank you for your patience.
Soundbytes 6 is subtitled "SuperStars" for a reason, as we have 2 of the biggest names in the international chip scene coming to play just one Melbourne show, and they're playing it for us! If... you've seen "Reformat the Planet", if you have heard of Blipfest, you don't want to miss this show, as our headliners are none other than Bit Shifter and Nullsleep.
Supporting them are the cream of the local crop with

10K Free Men and Their Families,
Derris-Kharlan &

playing this huge show.

Tickets are $10 Presale (plus a 30c booking fee) through or $12 on the door.

As you can see from the poster above - event will take place at La di da in little Bourke St, Melbourne and doors open at 7pm for an 8pm start! Feel free to say you're coming on our facebook event wall too (search "Soundbytes 6: Superstars")

If you have ever wanted to see some world class chip musicians in your own back yard, this is the time to do it.

(via dpadproductions)

Monday, August 23, 2010

T.I.N.A. 2010

I'll just leave this here.

Talk here on

Thematics Radio: Chipmusic special!

Micko had Sean and I on his regular Thematics show. Have a look/listen.

While the above photo may be my best angle, the recording of this particular radio show offers other more attractive (read: far less attractive) sides of me.

WARNING: We cuss truckloads.

"PLAYLIST - 7th August 2010

Special guests: Abortifacient and Ten Thousand Free Men And Their Families

Nordloef - To Hell With You and All Your Fucking Friends
Uoki-Toki - Little Red Riding Hood
Covox - Psychic Youth
Vicious Cyclist - Feck
Dot.AY - Education
little-scale and Poppi Doser - Litmus
Starscream - Space Party
The J. Arthur Keens Band - Catfish Lagoon
Abortifacient - Deadset Rootable
Dispyz - We Came to Overtake!!!
Ten Thousand Free Men And Their Families - Maybe
Huortron - $$Troopers
8 Bit Bandit - Club Scene
Cag - Convicted Child Sex Offender
Biographs - Depth
Godinpants - Whale Lord
Saskrotch - For Everlasting Peace Part I and II
Ralp - Purprae

Pineapple Cuntballs
Cannibal Cutlets
Irukandji Jellyfish Fatality
I Can’t Ken Done This
Baron Samedi Riddim
Hex Corruptor

A_Rival - Break Ya Neck
Unicorn Kid - Triangle Drop
Ten Thousand Free Men And Their Families - Leaving Home
The Lolstralians - Botany"

Chew the fat over at, if you're into that.

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