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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Potato Masta

The fifth Pocket Music.. All Brisbane Artists.. Free Entry.. Free Games... Killer Music
Awesome Poster is by Brisbane artist Simon Cottee

Facebook Event
Chipmusic Event

Also Next Wednesday 4th August between 6-7pm (AEST) vgx will be on 4zzzfm show Zed Games talking chip music and playing a track live on air worth checking out (you can stream here)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


The game boy dance machine that is Fuckjazzforaminute hailing from the chip-mecca that is NYC will be playing a show in Sydney supported by 10k and godinpants.

Sandringham Hotel
387 King St
$10 Entry
Starts at 8pm

Abortifacient - Baby Fillets release and tour

The Breakcore guy who I sold LSDJ a few years back is kicking a full LSDJ and circuit bent set-up these days and his sound is choppy messy in your face and glitch as fuck. I like it... So his first all 8bit release is Baby Fillets and you can download it below and he is playing tracks from this on his little tour.. Brisbane show has been and gone Melbourne is tomorrow night and Sydney the week after.

Melbourne: 16/07/10, 9-11:30pm
Embolism @ The Mercat Cross
456 Queen St

Sydney: 24/07/10, 6-late
Dirty Shirlows
32 Shirlow St
Marrickville, Sydney

Baby Fillets by Abortifacient

Coova and little-scale: Two Warriors (Out On 8bitpeoples)

"After having met at Blip Festival 2009, Coova and little-scale signed a treaty to merge their respective battalions and combine their unique combat styles in order to ward off evil enemy forces. Coova’s artillery of choice is the Nintendo Game Boy with the Nanoloop 1.5 ammo cartridge whilst little-scale’s war science research department has developed a weaponised strain of the SEGA Nomad. The result is an armed force to be reckoned with, ready to do battle on any audio playback system at high volumes. "

Grab it here:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

8 Bit Music - Malaysian Chiptunes

8 Bit Music - Malaysian Chiptunes from Colourama Event on Vimeo.

An interesting docco on some of our closest chip cousins.
There are some serious 2PP footage rips... but for some reason, we can let that slide.

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