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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pocket Music 3!

Another month and another Pocket Music gig at manabar.

This month we have VGX from Brisbane playing his first show, hyped up 8bit house. Also we have Abortifacient doing a full Gameboy dancehall-breakcore set sure to destroy the manabar.

See you there or maybe next month :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two 10k gigs, Adelaide and Sydney

I am so lazy that I am just going to link to other places, where I have copied and pasted text from facebook. You know you wanna click/come, ya dickheads.

Adelaide gig!
Sydney gig!

New Classic, May 15th! @The Johnston, Johnston St Fitzroy!

Saturday May 15th will be the launch of what will (hopefully!) become Melbourne's most eclectic monthly music night. With a mix of chip, breaks, rap, rave, glitched out samples and kickin' party beats, New Classic brings you a night with a little something for everyone.

~ Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families – LIVE (SYD) – 8bit chip-punk.
~ Maddest Kings Alive – LIVE Glitchy samples, Broken beats and hip hop style grooves
~ cTrix – LIVE Fun, upbeat, dance inducing house combining classic tunes and Amiga samples.
~ Cat Full of Ghosts – DJ – Eclectic Mashups/Mixes ranging from dance to dubstep
~ Aoi – LIVE – Creative, progressive indie, Hip Hop mixes
~ Yes/No/Maybe – LIVE – Hip hop beats and raps
~ Andyexpandy (BNE) - Playing his first Melbourne show, Andyexpandy's own brand of "candy-sega-trance" will have you rocking.
~ Romy (Macromantics) – DJ - “Tidal synth soundwaves of sentimental bliss” As Macromantics, Romy has appeared on Triple J, supported Lily Allen, Played with Ben Lee and played Homebake
~ Fletch – DJ – Upbeat disco, baltimore, party jams and bass to get your booty shakin'

15/05 from 8pm. $5 entry til 9:30/$10 after
@The Johnston, Johnston St Fitzroy.

If you are the twitter type:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pocket Music 2!!

Monthly chiptunes music at the Mana Bar!


DJ Timokles: (
This will be the very first show for this newcomer to the Brisbane chipmusic scene. He makes straight up dance music has learnt a lot of his gameboy music making skills from Andyexpandy. Third Generation Brisbane chipster.

Dot.AY: (
One of Australia's leading Gameboy musicians is back again with all his gadgets in tow. Skipping around all sorts of different genres his music is always a lot of fun.

Also any artists interested in playing future events let me know (contact on my webpage).

Manabar Forum Post
Facebook Event

little-scale and Poppi Doser at NIME

"Poppi Doser and I are playing at this years international NIME conference.

I will be playing SEGA Nomad, Atari 2600 and Laptop. Poppi will be singing.

Wednesday June 16 2010, 8.30pm
The Vanguard, Newtown

What is NIME? The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression is currently in its 10th year. Researchers and musicians from all over the world gather to share their knowledge and late-breaking work on new musical interface design.

Expression is a central notion of humankind. It is what we do - when we have an idea, we write, draw, sculpt, speak, type, dance, touch - we want to express. We need to express. It is through expression that we make a change in the world, from the most modest little concept to deep and profound structures.

More information on NIME 2010:"

Quoting Seb on

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