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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pocket Music! Monthly Brisbane Chip Gigs


The first monthly Chip night in Brisbane ever! Thursday 25th of March with AndyExpandy, Dot.AY and Talkshow Boy

Manabar is going to hopefully turn into an institution in Brisbane that people will come from far and wide to check out and we have an official affiliation with them. So I will be organising a monthly gig to happen on the first thursday of every month of either Chip Arists or DJ's with a focus on developing the scene within Brisbane and Australia by making Manabar a central meeting point for not only concerts but also to share and swap releases and merch.

So any chip artists out there planning on being in Brisbane at any stage let me know and we will try and get you on a line-up. The next one will be May 6th.

Breakcore vs Chip mega gig in Sydney

This gig will be freaking ridiculous!!! Tomorrow Night, 20/03/10, Sydney prepare yourself.

The brutal destruction of international breakcore legend USA Kings sharing a line-up with the amazing and unstoppable force that is cTrix!!!
Some of the others on the line-up are the other half of gameboyaustralia 10k free men and the man that put this together to release his remix ep on the night abortifacient.

You can purchase or stream that ep HERE . Which includes remixes from Toecutter and I (Dot.AY). Or head along to the gig to get a copy.

Seriously wish I could be there and am sure it is going to go off!

set-times and more here

Monday, March 1, 2010

10K's new EP 'MKE OR BRK' is hot off the press. You can listen for free (full MP3 digital download) and if you dig it, order the professionally mastered CD!

Sydney, Australia's Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families (aka 10k aka 10kfreemen) has just released his debut physical EP. MKE OR BRK (pronounced "Make or Break") is a collection of low-bit, low-brow, low-cost chipunk songs that are both fast paced and full of fury. MKE OR BRK is a huge departure for the one man, 8bit band. He leaves behind the various instrumental demos, netlabel EPs and collaborations that have floated around the World Wide Web and pushes himself further into a niche of a niche by capturing the raw energy that erupts from his vocally driven shows. For those who have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing a 10k performance, it is nothing more than one man, one mic, one Nintendo Game Boy and the time of your life. With solid production and mastering assisted by Chris Mylrea - also known as cTrix in the chipmusic world - MKE OR BRK is as close as you will get without being on the floor with 10k at a show.

Stream from myspace.
Full .zip download, free from
CD purchase also available from

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