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Sunday, January 10, 2010

SoundBytes! Sunday 24/01/2010

Can't be bothered waiting any longer for Celsius to post this so......

Think about it. What could be better than spending a Sunday afternoon in a sunny beer garden knocking back some beers with mates?
How about when the music is some of Australia's best live chip and it's free to get in?!

The first Soundbytes Sunday Summer Session is being held Sunday 24/01 from 3pm and sees another amazing line-up playing a Summertime beer garden session @ The Penny Black in Sydney Rd Brunswick

10K Free men & Their Families
Maddest Kings Alive

We've also got an open mic planned, which will not only feature new artists, but some of the guys who have played previous Soundbytes too. It's a Sunday afternoon, right before a public holiday and the venue is massive so there wont be as much danger of getting heat stroke trying to watch a set with 50 odd people crammed into a tiny room (aaaah, relief!). Oh and Sangria. Mmmm Sangria.

More detailed (well, wordy) info on our website … pears.html or follow us @soundbytesoz on twitter

PS. The venue is All Ages friendly in it's capacity as an eating establishment as well as a bar, but behave yourself under 18's or else you'll probably be asked to come back with your Mum to keep an eye on you wink

Poster coming soon...

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