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Monday, August 17, 2009

Astro featured on Jump Button

"Turning up to the recent SoundBytes 4 chiptune gig in a red-and-black-checked flanny, 14-year-old Darcy–who hails from a little country town called Deniliquin, in rural New South Wales–seems as far removed as one could get from the blips and bleeps of the urban gamestars. But stepping up to the desk, this kid rocked his GameBoy hard, producing some really solid loops, beats and tracks."

Read the rest here.

TINA 2009 feat. Dot.AY and 10k

Fri Oct 2: Friday Night TINA Gig

Ducktails (US), Pumice (NZ), Rosy Parlane (NZ), Qua (Vic), Free Choice Duo (Vic), Jim Cuomo [Played Sound Bytes and featured in Good Game with the crew], Aoi [Alex and I played with him on the GBA tour] (Vic), Jon Hunter and Monika Brooks, Phil Stearns,
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Sat Oct 3: Dpad Australia

Facilitator: Andrew Tuttle (Peer Pressure/ Anonymeye)
Artists: Alex Yabsley (Dot.AY), Tom Gilmore (10k Free Men)

A showcase of the Australian Chipmusic scene featuring performances by Dot.AY and 10k Free Men using Game Boys, Nintendo DS, Guitar Hero Controller and DDR Dance Mat.

4pm – 6pm: Panel

Sat Oct 3: Saturday Night TINA Gig

Vivian Girls (US), DJ Ripley (US), ILIOS (Greece), Wog, Bum Creek (Vic), Crab Smasher, 10k Freemen, The Abyss, Toecutter [is just amazing]
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Sun Oct 4th: Fitness Worst

Featuring: Brutal Hate Mosh, Dot.AY, Gabberobix, Gooey On The Inside, Spatula City

Fitness Worst promises to be the hair of the dog of physical exertion. A little bit wrong, but you’ll feel better for it. Encompassing everything from DDR Dance Mats to Gabberobix, you’d better be ready!

12 Midday – 2pm: Panel

Sun Oct 4th: Know Your Gadgets

Facilitator: Andrew Tuttle (Peer Pressure, Anonymeye)
Panelists: Alex Yabsley (Dot.AY), Cornel Wilczek (Qua), Tim Shiel (Faux Pas)

Know Your Gadgets explores the endless possibilities of all that blips and bobs, with interactive demonstrations of innovative approaches to producing, composing and performing electronic music. Getting your nerd on has never looked and sounded so damn cool.

3.30pm – 4.30pm: Presentation

Taken from the Sound Summit website with interjections by TomK.

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