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Thursday, July 16, 2009

4ZzZ Chipmusic Podcast with Dot.AY and K808

On 14th of June 2009, I was lucky enough to be asked to guest program a slot at Brisbane Community radio station 4ZzZ. It turned out basically being myself programming an hour and a half of my favourite Chip music and talking in between with the host K808. There is also a featured pre-record interview with Little-Scale that was recorded in Adelaide earlier this year.

Finally this show is available in its entirety for your listening pleasure (please note some of the information is old and very possibly incorrect)
Remember a lot of the artists played will be playing at Sound Bytes tomorrow night so come to Melbourne already...

direct mp3 links (right click "save link as")

Part 1 49min 36sec

Part 2 58min 21sec

Quarta330 - Ahirskew
Derris-Kharlan - Exigence
Little-Scale - Come Back to Me
*Little-Scale Interview
IAYD - Between Multiverses
HelloStereo - Hokkaido Noon '09
Bubblyfish - Half Moon Lake

Part 2:
Nordloef - I Know
Maddest Kings Alive - Cagey Negotiators
cTrix - Wednesday Chip
minikomi - Skip for Love
godinpants - liphe
Starscream - Gravity in terms of Spacetime
Goto80 - Love Crime (qwertypack remix)
Saitone - Overlapping Spiral
Trash Can Man - One Wave Tsunami
Bit the Medusa - Dimbo Dimbo Lets Go!
Cag - Set Nathan on Fire
*Qwerty Pack - Pimp My Grime --- (K808 Fail wrong track) -----
Ten Thousand Free Men - Duty (now available for download from 8bc)
Meneo - Papi

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