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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Sounds of SB4! (As posted on DPAD)


It's 10k here, with the fabulous task of gathering some samples of the music you can expect to hear at Sound Bytes 4. I have heard and seen all but one of these artists before, and I am very, very excited to say the least. This is in the order on the poster (exceptions: I cannot find an 8bit Talkshow Boy recording and Able Archer is playing but not on the poster). Just click the links, which are the song names, if it wasn't obvious.

Music sample: Come Back To Me
Seb is amazing. Pick a console and he has made music with it.
More: Blog / 8bc / Releases

Music sample: Default To Paranoia
(ph)Alex writes Game Boy glitch/grime which is interactive and brutal. He has been known to tear up the mic too.

Maddest Kings Alive
Music sample: Sleepy Kisses
Fenris is half of Perth's Chrism & Fenris, go figure. He weaves beautifully rich and dynamic songs on anything from a GBA to a C64. Glitchy and brutal in a way that you would not expect.

Music sample: Luna
Nathan is a real badass. Period. He writes game soundtracks - if the game was "Mars Volta: Rush to the Court of the Crimson King". He plays live with a guitar, check the link for SB3 to check that out!

Astro Zombies
Music sample: All New Heights
Darcy is win. Really young dude, with bright, happy and awesomely danceable tunes. He went down like a smooth criminal at the last Sound Bytes.
More: 8bc / Myspace

Able Archer
Music sample: My Heart Will Goon (Titanic Go On!)
A wild fan-boy appears! Aaron has been at every Sound Bytes (right?). He is looking like he will be rocking out with his cock out, oh, and a guitar and the LOLs.
More: 8bc

Talkshow Boy
Adrian has done a Sound Bytes set before - but not like this. He has been a fan of Chipmusic for a long time and now he is performing some of his own! Some of you may know Talkshow for his role in Melbourne's "Keith! Party", or even better his own breakcore/rap/mashup tunes.
More: Myspace (rap)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Low-Bit Gamelan Compilation [2009]

I thought I would mention this here because it features three Australian artists and was orgnised by yours truly.

The Low-Bit Gamelan Compilation – a release of five original tracks with a strong influence from the beautiful music of Indonesian gamelan! Thanks to all who submitted tracks - I'm very happy with this compilation.

Track Listing
01. Derris-Kharlan: Sarin
02. little-scale: Monsoon
03. Baron Knoxbury: Pilo Hau Gamelan
04. Red Robin: Pemanasair
05. The Listrix: Rock the Gamelan

Download this compilation here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

whit3nois3 vs Soundbytes

Melbourne institution whit3nois3 is back and ready for battle. Enemy lines have been drawn for a one night Battle Royal, facing off against the insurgents, Soundbytes.

For the creatures of the night who love dark, grinding noisy noise you wont be disappointed.

So bring your lo-tech arsenal and choose your allies wisely, for there can be only one.

Retrotech soldiers such as DOT.Ay, 10k Freemen & Their Families and Celsius will be fronting the assault. $10 will get you unlimited plays.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Game Boy Australia accounts and associated acts:
@SoundBytesOz - DPAD's gig arm!
@ninjaspew - Maddest Kings Alive.
@littlescale - The one, the only.
@Dot_AY - GBA Co-founder.
@10kfreemen - Me.

Others well worth following:
@8bitdaily - New track for your ears every day.
@calmdownkidder - James, founder of CDK.
@nieldlr - aka Sparkyboy, the honorary Australian.
@Disasterpeace - The amazing.
@blipfestival - Worth following for the festival season.

Happy tweeting.

Sega Master System Music @ ACMC2009

I've got some Sega Master System music in this year's Australasian Computer Music Conference in Brisbane. Not sure about the dates and times of the concerts yet, will be within the period 2 - 4 July. Details are still forthcoming.

4ZzZ Chip Music Radio

From 8-10pm AEST tonight I will be playing a whole bunch of my favourite Chip Music tracks on 4ZzZFM. If your in the Brisbane area you can as always tune into 102.1FM everyone else can listen to the live stream here

As always I will promise it will be podcasted and then it won't be and you'll miss out so just listen to it live or whatever...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Progfest CD Online

Hey all,

If you want to be part of the biggest prank chiptunes have ever played on progressive rock, buy this CD.

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