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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Game Boy Australia was on TV

OK so I finally got my arse into gear to write this and it has already aired......

I am of course referring to the following
The popular ABC2 video game TV show Good Game will have a segment exploring the Australian Chipmusic scene, first screening at 8:30pm (AEST), Monday April 6 on ABC2 and 11:50pm, Friday April 10 on ABC1. It is also available as an online stream and as a direct download (WMV and MP4).
This includes music and interviews from 10k Free Men, Little-Scale and Dot.AY. As well as footage from the most recent Sound Bytes event in Melbourne with a special interview section with Jim Cuomo.

I feel it was a great segment the only criticism I have heard is that for newcomers and people who have never heard of it before it is never actually explained what we do or how we do it. This I believe is a minor flaw compared to the regular Chip media cock-ups, because it was left up to the musicians to discuss it with no outside interviewer comments it refrained from using language that regularly annoys us (mariorave, donkeykongdisco, hacked gameboy, soldering iron on stage). The fact that a lot is left unexplained just means that people that become interested are going to go looking for answers. I have already received a number of emails, comments and questions. Leave you with some other discussions on the show....

Good Game Forums (lolcomment by sci_fi_chicky: "Ciptune: WTF?? are you serious? what a GEEKFEST!! where did you find these people?! i'd need a chastity belt if i went to one of those parties lol")
8Bit Collective

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

10k - Shows to report!

Facebook events: bang and bang.
Note: I was a very late edition to the first bill, though, I will say I was invited to play by members of the last two bands, I didn't MAKE them put me on the bill. Believe me please.



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