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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jim Cuomono @ 303 Northcote 8-bit and electric sax - one night only
Concert : 303 Northcote 25 March Wed 9 p.m. $10

Jim Cuomo started using computers when the operators had white coats and the 
computer took up several floors.  After composing a variety of different music - jazz, classical, musical, military ... he was asked to write music for video games in the 1980's . The result was a long list of popular games :

Defender of the Crown, Sim City, SlamDunk, Ole, Jigsaw, International Cage Match, S.W.A.T., Zombie, S.D.I., Serenade, Astarte, Expressing etc

Then he began getting messages in 2004 "Are you the Jim Cuomo who wrote ...?"
and "Are you still alive?" and then "Would you be interested in performing with your
classic game music?" Yes to all three.

He uses the Amiga (1985) the Oric (1983), the Canon X-07 (1982) and the IBM 7090 (1967!?!).
This concert at the 303 in Northcote is his first in Australia - after thousands elsewhere.
He will perform music from several of his ten albums-on sax, digihorn, zaphoon, and clarinet. 
The music is from his games but also from groups he has created over the years - 
Spoils of War , Mormos , Duoglide , Ejazz, and SignificantBits. 

His saxophone has been featured with Marianne Faithfull, Yves Montand, (new Australian) Leo Sayerand many many more. 

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