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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dot.AY live on 4ZZZ radio

This Sunday 8/03/09, I will be performing a live set as well as playing a bunch of my favourite Chip Music on Brisbane's finest independent Radio Station 4ZZZ, 102.1 FM.

It will be from 8-10pm (AEST) on the Forcefed Fistfuls show. Previous guests have included

Buraka Som Sistema (Enchufada)
The Bug, and Warrior Queen (Ninja Tune)
Joker (Hyperdub)
Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw Records CEO)
and more....

so I am really pumped to play on a show mostly dedicated to Dubstep, Grime and BASS...but for this week the whole show is going Chip and Game inspired, I will take requests to play any of my songs or any Chip song you think should be played via the comments.

You will be able to Download the show after it has happened from the above link


10k said...

just play me.
me, me mememememe.
Play some Valley of the LOLS.
Some E!E!

Unknown said...

Podcast died in the face,
hopefully there will be something up on the page about it but if you missed it you will never hear it!!

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