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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beach Party 2009 - Demo Party in Melbourne

A very cool party going on in Melbourne town BEACH PARTY 2009 even if you can't make it to the party everyone is invited to submit as per the Rules Page

Beachparty 2009 is a demoscene get together on the beach featuring demos and competitions for music, graphics and coding.

Everyone is invited to enter the competitions, however it should probably mentioned that the rules push the focus towards older/classic home computers and the sounds and sights that can be produced on them.

Anyone with an interest in computers/consoles new or old is welcome. We are not elite and this is open to all!

Beachparty 2009 will be held over 2 days this year.

* Sat 28th MAR, Day 1: A hang out day with bbq. Bring an entry and receive a sausage and a beer!
* Sun 29th MAR, Day 2: Competitions will be held, voting, winners and prizes.
Remote entries are allowed, send them to

All remote entries MUST be received the day before beachparty 2009 (27/3/09). Otherwise, you'll have to be there in person on the first day - this is the best way because you'll get a snag and a beer!

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