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Monday, October 20, 2008

POCKET MUSIC: Brisbane Chiptune Event

Following on from the success of Sound Bytes in Melbourne (which the incredible Eugene put together) I am proud to announce another Australian Chiptune concert with a line up created mostly because I want to go to this gig in my city.

Collapsicon (Bris)
: Game Boy, NES electro and epic chiptune DJ sets in between bands

Dot.AY (Bris): Hopefully pulling off a brand new set with new audience interaction devices and the same banging beats.

Ten Thousand Free Men (Syd): First Brisbane gig its going to go off. This kid just keeps on pulling out tracks that make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream.

Emergency! Emergency! (Syd): If the previous barrage of sound wasn't enough E!E! will end it all with his wailing, screeching, bad ass noise.

ps. will prob be doing some squat gigs and promo's around the city and valley Friday night
ppssss..also massive THANKYOU to Lauren aka Cloud Sparrow for the amazing artwork.


Unknown said...
on page 2 of Brisbane's best street press...check it out!!!!

Unknown said...

Interview for the gig!!!

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