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Thursday, October 23, 2008

New magical releases from little-scale!

"Five Step Plan contains all of the material that I played at a show on the 17th of October in Melbourne, Australia. For the most part, this is unreleased stuff. I hope that you enjoy it."

1. Dallas, Four AM
2. Objectives
3. Perspectives
4. Piranhas
5. Lines
6. Boundaries
7. Strategies
8. The Discovery of Slowness

Download: here! (15.2megabytes)


"I have made a super mash mega mix of all tracks that were uploaded to 8bc from 11 October 2008 to 17 October 2008."

I think everyone who knows Seb as "little-scale" knows that he loves 8bc. This is a tribute to this fact. It mashes over 160 tracks from 8bc that were uploaded in a lucky week. Full credits and a link to the mix itself can be found here.

I love this mix and I reccommend you get in onto an iPod, etc. Seb's style of remix is one that you will not have experienced on many occasions. His ability to put together sounds that most of us could only dream of getting into the same track is mind boggling. I dare say there are few others that could have handled this self assigned task.

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