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Friday, October 31, 2008

Video from The Bunker, Melbourne

Thanks Seb/Lauren/Me for filming and Seb again more for editing and putting it up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New magical releases from little-scale!

"Five Step Plan contains all of the material that I played at a show on the 17th of October in Melbourne, Australia. For the most part, this is unreleased stuff. I hope that you enjoy it."

1. Dallas, Four AM
2. Objectives
3. Perspectives
4. Piranhas
5. Lines
6. Boundaries
7. Strategies
8. The Discovery of Slowness

Download: here! (15.2megabytes)


"I have made a super mash mega mix of all tracks that were uploaded to 8bc from 11 October 2008 to 17 October 2008."

I think everyone who knows Seb as "little-scale" knows that he loves 8bc. This is a tribute to this fact. It mashes over 160 tracks from 8bc that were uploaded in a lucky week. Full credits and a link to the mix itself can be found here.

I love this mix and I reccommend you get in onto an iPod, etc. Seb's style of remix is one that you will not have experienced on many occasions. His ability to put together sounds that most of us could only dream of getting into the same track is mind boggling. I dare say there are few others that could have handled this self assigned task.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion, Once Again...

Netlag: Melbourne w/ Maddest Kings Alive

I am very sad that I missed this. I will be honest, I didn't even know it was on. But when I heard about it I really wanted to put a little bit of info from the various sources given on 8bc by ninjaspew.

What is it?
As part of Melbourne's Digital Fringe, Netlag sees Audiovisual collectives Plug N Play and Share Outpost, both of whom run regular Melbourne events, combining forces for one night, and extending their experiments to the internet - connecting to performances from other cities, as well as the net-connected rovingMobile Projection Unit.
Gathered on many screens in Melbourne @ Horze Bazaar (The scene of the 8bit Movie Premiere afterparty) and in Perth @ Tiger Tiger Bar.

The show was streamed live from

Again, really sorry I missed this.

Monday, October 20, 2008

POCKET MUSIC: Brisbane Chiptune Event

Following on from the success of Sound Bytes in Melbourne (which the incredible Eugene put together) I am proud to announce another Australian Chiptune concert with a line up created mostly because I want to go to this gig in my city.

Collapsicon (Bris)
: Game Boy, NES electro and epic chiptune DJ sets in between bands

Dot.AY (Bris): Hopefully pulling off a brand new set with new audience interaction devices and the same banging beats.

Ten Thousand Free Men (Syd): First Brisbane gig its going to go off. This kid just keeps on pulling out tracks that make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream.

Emergency! Emergency! (Syd): If the previous barrage of sound wasn't enough E!E! will end it all with his wailing, screeching, bad ass noise.

ps. will prob be doing some squat gigs and promo's around the city and valley Friday night
ppssss..also massive THANKYOU to Lauren aka Cloud Sparrow for the amazing artwork.


New contributor: Eugene aka Celsius

Hello World!

Just a quick into :

The names Eugene, aka Celsius and I was asked by 10k and co. to get on board with GBA recently. I reside in Melbourne Aus, like long walks on the beach and all that shit.

I recently had the pleasure of organising a gig that all went down on the 17th of October 08' called "Sound Bytes".

The premise was to bring all the cool 'internet peoples' to Melbourne and do a show. I'm pleased to announce that it went smashingly well.

Derris-Kharlan warmed up the place with an epic set of shredding guitar riffs backed by his JRPG style beats which got a great reaction from the punters. The head nod was in full effect as he played "Luna" which is to be released on his forth comming album "Seraphim".

We heard an amazing sets from little-scale (solo set) and later when cloud sparrow joined the party to complete the duo as Hidden Village. Theory of a Black Hole was definitely a highlight for me and also star gazing at the spaghetti junction of cables laid out connecting a Sega Master System, a pair of Gameboys, various pedals and all sorts of other electric magic boxes.

When 10k Free Men and Their Families leaned over the console and yelled into my ear with a glint in his eye "I'm just gonna play for as long as I like yeah? Like... 6 hours yeah?" I knew that the LOLs were just beginning. The crowd lapped it up like a dog lapps up the recently vomited dog food as a second helping. After what seemed like 60 different versions of "Happy Birthday" 10k butchered "Stairway to Heaven" with a Gameboy cover to the punters delight followed by a remix of DOT.ay's "Education" which saw 10k raving on the top of the sub like a lunatic and the rest of the venue jumping up and down like epileptics having a collective seizure.

Cid (aka Andrew) and myself teamed up as The Slurry Beats Collective and kept peoples ears bleeding in between live acts with DJ sets of some chiptune classics, generally bopping about like morons in the hopes people would laugh at us and remain entertained long enough as to overlook our non existent skills.

I had such a ball hanging out with Seb, Lauren, Tom and Nathan and am salivating at the prospect to another gig really soon.

It looks like something may be on the cards for late November so keep your ear to the ground.

Massive thanks go out to all the artists that put their time and money into the trip to Melbourne and a special thanks to Cid and my girlfriend Kristy who I would not have been able to pull it off without.

Here is a pic of myself djing in front of Super Mario Kart that we set up on the projector for the patrons.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So, you want to sync your Game Boy, huh?

Last updated: 29 October 2008

Thanks heaps to: nitro2k01, Athleos and Low-Gain for pointing out my mistakes and inacurracies.

A question that gets asks from time to time is "How Do I Sync My Game Boy?". The two major Game Boy music programs (Nanoloop and LSDJ) both allow different types of synchronisation.

I thought it might be a good idea to lay out all of the options that are available. Some of the options require various levels of DIY skills - having said that, DIY stuff can be very, very affordable and can bring about a sense of satisfaction (if it works properly, of course).

This is not supposed to be a critique of each sync device (I'm not having a go at anyone!), I'm just trying to make this information available to people.

Quick Overview of the Devices
I have here a prepared table. For more details about each device, please scroll down.

Game Boy Link Cables
Okay, so the first option is an obvious one, but I thought we would start off with something simple. Link cables let you sync up two Game Boys to each other, so that they play in time.

On the positive side...
• They're cheap. Pick some up from Ebay for around AU$5 to AU$8. Quite often, you can pick them up in a package including a Game Boy and some games.

• They're plug'n'play. You don't have to press anything to get them working, you just plug them in, set up your software to a master / slave configuration and there ya go.

On the negative side...
• You can only sync a Game Boy to another Game Boy (unless you have a MIDI sync box such as LSDJMC2, Arduinoboy or syncThing).

Delfy's Six Way Sync Box
This is a custom-made passive sync box that allows the user to synchronise up to six game boys to one another. As far as i know, there is only one in existence, but Delfy might be persuaded into making another if you contact him.

On the positive side...
• It's plug'n'play. You don't have to press anything to get them working, you just plug them in, set up your software to a master / slave configuration and there ya go.

On the negative side...
• You can only sync a Game Boy to another Game Boy (unless you have a MIDI sync box such as LSDJMC2, Arduinoboy or syncThing).
• The availability of this item is unknown, but it should be quite easy to replicate.

Low-gain's 1x3 DMG-07 Mod
This modification takes an original 4 player Game Boy link connector and converts it into a device that takes one master sync signal and outputs three slave signals. Sounds like it would be a hit at parties!

On the positive side...
• They're plug'n'play. You don't have to press anything to get them working, you just plug them in, set up your software to a master / slave configuration and there ya go.
• You can use this to multiply your number of sync outputs from a given MIDI sync device.
• Can be used in an infinite daisy chain.
• Can be used to multiply other sync outputs from MIDI devices.

On the negative side...
• You can only sync a Game Boy to another Game Boy (unless you have a MIDI sync box such as LSDJMC2, Arduinoboy or syncThing).

Gwem's LSDJ Pitch Control
Gwem has made the plans available for his LSDJ Pitch control. This device has been around for a while, but it's a nice design and allows the user to control the tempo of LSDJ using both a 'coarse' and a 'fine' control. It's really made for live use.

On the positive side...
• Great for live use, as you can control the tempo using two pots!
• The electronic components are cheap and easy to find
• A chip (microcontroller) does not need to be programmed in any way

On the negative side...
• It's just made for real-time control - ie. no MIDI. But this is a just question of purpose so I'm just mentioning it here in the negative as a warning.
• Looks slightly - only slightly - more difficult to build than other DIY options
• Premade units are not available.

Gwem's DIY MIDI Interface
Gwem has also made a MIDI clock sync interface. Just like his Pitch Control, this device features only common components that do not require any programs to be uploaded to a chip (and is the only DIY MIDI clock sync device to do so).

On the positive side...
• Made from cheap, simple components that should (hopefully) be sourced locally.
• Syncs LSDJ to a MIDI clock signal
• Does not require the user to upload a program to a chip

On the negative side...
• Syncs only LSDJ
• The interface expects to only receive MIDI clock signals - other MIDI messages may / will interfere with the sync

Oliver Wittchow's Nanoloop Sync Cable
This cable allows one to sync Nanoloop 1.x and 2.x to a MIDI clock signal.

On the positive side...
• Very small and portable - its basically a cable with a small area for the chip in the middle.
• Uses the Game Boy connection for power.
• Easy to use with Nanoloop.
• They were originally made as premade devices (and relatively affordable as such) but will be available as kits soon.

On the negative side...
• Only syncs one Game Boy.
• Only syncs Nanoloop.
• Premade units are no longer available - but a kit is available soon

Official LSDJ Sync
There was an official LSDJ MIDI sync device made a while ago. They are no longer produced.

On the positive side...
• Very small and portable

On the negative side...
They are not produced anymore.

Firestarter's LSDJMC2
Firestarter designed a PIC-based device that allows the synchronisation of LSDJ and Nanoloop to a MIDI beat clock. Low-gain from 8BC is currently producing these devices.

On the positive side...
• It's a premade device, which means its tested.
• Low-gain's and Firestarter's models look very nice and appear to be quite sturdy.
• The device features a number of useful modes / options
• You can even make your own!
• These devices sync up to 2 Game Boys to a MIDI clock

On the negative side...
• The premade devices are quite expensive (with good reason), and as such may not be suitable for everyone.

Trash80's ArduinoBoy
This is an Arduino-based sync device, making it easy to build. It responds to MIDI start, stop and sync commands. It has many features of the LSDJMC2. A new version currently support a custom program that allows for full control over the Game Boy's sound chip (much like PushPin)

On the positive side...
• Very easy to build!
• Sync many Game Boys to MIDI
• Features four different sync modes for Nanoloop and LSDJ
• Stable and accurate

On the negative side...
• Premade units are not available

Gijs' Master Clock Generator
This is an Arduino-based sync device, making it easy to build. It outputs MIDI clock rather than syncing to MIDI clock. It also outputs LSDJ, Nanoloop and Sync24 clock signals. The overall tempo is controlled by a potentiometer.

On the positive side...
• Synchronise 4 x LSDJ, 3 x Nanoloop, 2 x MIDI and 2 x Sync24 devices!
• Control the speed with a pot control - great for live performances and such!

On the negative side...
• Does not accept MIDI clock, it only generates it
• Premade units are quite expensive (but are made by Gijs himself!!)

little-scale's syncThing and syncTank
This is a Freeduino-based sync device, making it easy to build. It synchronises 6 copies of LSDJ as well as 6 copies of Nanoloop to MIDI clock. The syncTank is a related device, being able to sync up to 15 copies of LSDJ to MIDI clock.

On the positive side...
• Sync a large number of Game Boys to MIDI clock (12 for the syncThing, 15 for the syncTank)
• Sync both Nanoloop and LSDJ
• Cheap to build; I can send you flashed Freeduino chips.

On the negative side...
• Premade units are no longer available

little-scale's nanoGroover
This device generates triplets and other weird timings for Nanoloop!

On the positive side...
• Generate weird timings for Nanoloop like 2:4, 3:4, 5:4 and 6:4. Finally, you can do triplets in Nanoloop!
• Very cheap and easy to build. Requires no programming of parts or special ICs.

On the negative side...
• Requires two Game Boys and two copies of Nanoloop.
• Premade units not available.

little-scale's nanoSync24
This device will sync Nanoloop to a Sync24 signal.

On the positive side...
• Sync Nanoloop to Prophet 64, so that the C64 is controlling the speed of Nanoloop.

On the negative side...
• Premade units not available.

LSDJ Keyboard Adaptor

This is not a synchronisation device. But it will allow you to control notes in LSDJ using a standard PS/2 (ie. PC with the mini-DIN connector) computer keyboard.

On the positive side...
• Wow! Play notes on the keyboard and the sounds come out of the Game Boy!
• Very easy and cheap to make; many people have PS/2 keybaords already lying around.

On the negative side...
• Premade units not available.

Vawter and Whitman's Pushpin
This is not a sync device. This setup allows you to have complete control over the Game Boy's sound output. Brilliant!

On the positive side...
• Very cheap and easy to build the hardware part; requires no programming of chips and such
• An amazing level of control!

On the negative side...
• Premade units not available.
• Only works on Game Boy Color

Trash80's Arduinoboy + mGB
This is not a sync device. This setup is an extension to Trash80's awesome Arduinoboy project. It allows you to control the sound output of the Game Boy via MIDI.

On the positive side...
• Arduino based, so you know it's easy to make!
• An amazing level of control!

On the negative side...
• Premade units not available.
• Not completely finsihed yet (?)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SYNTAX Demo Party - Melbourne

There have often been discussions regarding the demo-scene amongst the current newcomers to chiptune, myself included. This is normally some romantic ideal of Norwegians staying up late and playing with their C64's...little did I know Australia has a demo-scene of its very own and they are having their second party very soon and YOUR INVITED!!!

You have to register, to obtain a secret code to enter the location once there tonnes of shit goes down including new and old school demo's as well as a Chip Music Compo (I notice they allow Game Boys but sadly I won't be able to make it)

Saturday November 8th, 2008. 12pm until late.
Where: Same place as last time - in North Melbs. (details will be emailed to you soon after reg)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New contributor: Seb/little-scale

We here at Game Boy Australia have decided to ask Seb to jump into bed with us, as he is a very prominent member of the Australian chiptune scene... and he updates his blog, so that might start to happen more here too...

You should know who he is already! I will leave it at that!

Much love dear readers,
welcome dear Seb,


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