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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sound Bytes: Melbourne Chip Gig

When: 17 October

Where: Bunker Lounge, 407 Swanston St, Melbourne

Who: little-scale, Hidden Village, Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families, Derris-Kharlan and Slurry Beats Collective. 18+ only.

This will be a bang up gig even if I won't be there!! And this is hopefully the first in what will soon be a long line of Chip events across Australia
If your in Melbourne you have no excuse, being Derris-Kharlan and Slurry Beats first gig this is sure to be nothing short of freaking awesome.....


10k said...

How the hell did this post get here?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

You will probably punch me for this nxt time you see me, but who / what is slurry beats?

Unknown said...

celsius and cid is slurry beats I believe....Celc gave me an .nsf from slurry beats that was awesome so I assume it is him

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Thanks for clearing that one up, dot.AY :)

Anonymous said...

im there

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