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Monday, September 8, 2008

Malaysian Chiptune Festival - COLOURAMA 08

If your budget is running a little low to make it all the way to Blipfest this year as mine is you might consider heading along to Colourama 08 on 1/11/08....The line-up includes a hefty number of Indonesia's finest: JW86, Bit The Medusa and Local Drug Store. As well as Blip Fest 08 Performer, Singapore's Chiptune superstar Ikuma. There is also a whole bunch of visual art, fashion and heaps more performers.

Let me know if your going or find some super cheap flights and I just might join you.


10k said...

fucking, wicked-sick!

Sebastian Tomczak said...


What is that great music in the promo? I NEED TO KNOW!

10k said...

That is a good question... ALEX!!!

Anonymous said...

wowwwwww! thanks a lot for promoting our eventtt! =)

hell yeah, if got cheap ticket, come and have fun here!!! ahaha.

-colourama team-

arizal said...

its JW86 the great music in the promo you should come

Anonymous said...


jenn dlv said...

Oh man, please come to Blip this year!! Yeahhhh!

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