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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little-Scale: Sampler 08

The track listing:
1. Hello - from 'Hello: The 8BC Compilation'
Game Boy, NES, C64
2. February - from 'Sun Fun on Planet Earth'
Sega Master System (SN76489 and YM2413)
3. Tunnel Vision - from 'When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth'
Sega Master System (SN76489)
4. Q and A - from 'When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth'
Sega Master System (SN76489)
5. Red, Yellow and Orange
Game Boy
6. Tall Bamboo
Shamisen, NES, Commodore 64, Sega Mega Drive
7. Dynasty (Part 2) - from 'Dynasty'
Sega Master System (YM2413) and NES
8. Antartica - from 'DMGMITE-01'
Sega Master System and NES

Soon we will have to add a "Little-Scale" tag to the blog as his work appears on here so much more than everyone else in total! C'mon everyone else! We can't ask him to stop production - everyone else just needs to pick it up!

Pick these up from shows, or get in contact with Seb...

1 comment:

Sebastian Tomczak said...

in my defense, this is just a sampler cd that contains only music that has been previously released!

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