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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Twenty Minutes With Derris-Kharlan

Tom says (6:51 PM):
Hello Nathan! How are you?

Nathan says (6:51 PM):
good man, yourself?

Tom says (6:52 PM):
Yeah, I am great.
Now, some people might know you better as the young Melbourne based chiptuner Derris-Kharlan. What is the process you use to create your music?

Nathan says (6:54 PM):
Hmm that's pretty broad, for starters I use the program FL Studio with various VST plug-ins such as magical8bit, peach, triforce etc. As far as actual songwriting goes I usually start with a basic chord progression, and build melodies on top of that. Although the order in which i do things often changes. For example sometimes i might start with the drums. But basically I just go with whatever sounds good to me.

Tom says (6:56 PM):
That seems like a logical way of doing it! Who would you say your biggest influences are?

Nathan says (6:57 PM):
well for starters, Justin; ie Raptorface, is the person who really got me started making this kind of music. But other artists like Disasterpeace and Alex Mauer make music that i really admire.

Tom says (6:59 PM):
I have often wondered who it was out of you two that 'found' it first. They are some solid inspiration. I also understand that Disasterpeace is a fan of your music. Is it true that he asked you to release some material through his iiMusic label? Just a rumour I heard...

Nathan says (7:01 PM):
hahaha. Well I Don't think hes a "fan" by any measure, he did approach me and suggest that i send a demo in to iiMusic for it to be released on that label. we are also doing a collab of sorts at the moment which is coming along nicely. i plan to release on ii, but it really depends on whether or not i can bring my tracks to the high standard required.

Tom says (7:02 PM):
Wow! A collab, dude, that is pretty big news. Anything more you can spill on that?

Nathan says (7:06 PM):
not really, its just a song atm, and it will probably be release under "Disastertron", his generic "collab artist name".

Tom says (7:09 PM):
Well, I look forward to hearing that. How can people find out more about you and your music? Do you have any links you can share?

Nathan says (7:11 PM):
Well I've basically only got a myspace and an 8bc profile. I have a but it seems to have already been claimed by someone.

Tom says (7:13 PM):
Well thanks Nathan, I look forward to hearing more from you.

Nathan says (7:13 PM):
No problem man. Thank you

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