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Sunday, August 10, 2008

13th Aug: Sydney

Not all Game Boy stuff sure, but there are only so many of us!

Every wednesday night club 'consolador de dos caras' will be changing the lyrics of that easybeats classic as
midweek becomes the minds principal night of longing.

The front room is a restaurant again so the entrance is around the side on edgar lane.

In the back room we'll have 3 live acts every week for a nominal charge (usually $5 but may vary depending on touring acts). We open at 8pm and live acts in the back are between 9pm and 11:30 however the club is licensed til 6am so please feel free to stay on drink or dance to whichever dj is still playing. Also the DIY markets will still be on just on a smaller scale. Feel free to bring along your wares for sale .

@ la Campana, 53-55 liverpool st, the spanish 1/4, Sydney.

Lineup for AUG 13:

Emergency! Emergency!
(Game Boy, harshnoise/scenepop, with screamed vocals about nothing much at all. Fucking amazing showman, and sexy as fucking anything. Girls and guys alike, don't miss this.)

Simo Soo
(Bedroom/lap-pop trash, clipcore. Simo Soo usually plays in a band called Call The Medic, Call The Nurse!! He also features in Please Don't Whisper It's Rude.)

Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families
(Plays this event because there is nobody else in Sydney playing Gameboys and that was what this show was meant to be about! Kinda sad that he has to play a full set at an event he org'd. What a wanker. Expect violence. Kicking. Something to break. Oh, and hard house renditions of popular old songs played with no more than a game boy)

Mickey Gloss
(Mickey Gloss is a two-piece minimalist-maximalist band, comprised of guitarist slash vocalist Daniel Noort and percussionist Kurt Bugden. They mix diffidence with violence and add some psych-silliness to the concotion. Clouds, mud, grenades.)

DJing: Przewalskis Horse
(spinning the classics. last week month he rocked some shit that caved heads and exploded ears. Expect inappropriate use of loop functions and probably some kaos pad action, fucking up the tracks you 8bit wankers worked long and hard to make sound good.)


Sebastian Tomczak said...

Man, this looks like an awesome night!! Have a good one.

10k said...

oh, I will. how I wish you were going to be there though.

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