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Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Releases from Little-Scale & 0xFFender

Little-Scale : 'When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth'
"When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth is based almost entirely on portions of a live Sega Master System chipmusic set that was performed in Sydney in June 2008." It is amazing to hear this Seb's SMS Midi device in action.
Click here to download it now.

Little-Scale : 'Red, Yellow and Orange'
This release is a set of three tracks Seb wrote for a gig at our favorite Adelaide venue - The Deli. The release is only a single mp3 file, and it flows amazingly. Seb describes it as "some straightforward, laid back Game Boy music - nothing more, nothing less."
Click here to download it now.

0xFFender : 'GBIsland'
If you want to hear someone mess with the sounds a Game Boy can make, listen to this is all I can say. This kid looks hard to find the glitches and exploits them until your ears explode. He is young and is always the centre of a flamewar on 8bc, the crazy kid - these are but two valid reasons to check his music out! (ha!) I feel that his online personality and his songwriting style rubbing people the wrong way is no coincidence - I am pretty sure he is in it for the lolz.
Click here for a link to a download page.

I promise Alex is writing something for this blog soon. He has just been a busy little bee.

Until next time,

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