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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little-Scale releases .SAV for Red, Yellow and Orange

In an earlier post I wrote about Little-Scale's latest releases, including "Red, Yellow and Orange". This release has been given much praise within the 8-bit community, particularly on 8bitcollective. Not only is this release free for download, but now Seb has also released the LSDJ save file for the three songs!

What an awesome opportunity to learn about LSDJ functions! To open this file on your computer, you will need to first, download the .SAV from here. Then, download either the demo of LSDJ from the official Little Sound DJ website or go nuts and buy the full version, which we here at Game Boy Australia happily reccommend. Then, create a new folder on your computer and place the LSDJ ROM inside it, then add the .SAV and rename it to have the same name as the ROM file. Then open the ROM with your favorite emulator (if you do not have one try VisualBoyAdvance) and select "Open Save File"...

Remember, this is a tool for learning, don't be lame and release his music as your own. I am sure Seb would allow people to remix his tracks, but remember to ask for permission and credit him if it is given the okay to release.

Finally, thanks for being so awesome, Seb. You are putting Australia on the map in the world of chip. People of Australia, enjoy his work.


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