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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The List of Australian Chiptune Artists


  • Celsius (Melbourne) - Part of DJ duo Slurry Beats Collective, also making Game Boy tunes and hosting rad parties as a driving force behind DPad Productions.
  • Chipped Teeth Snapped Elbows (Melbourne) - Prog / Hardcore done in Milkytracker
  • Critical Hit! (Melbourne) - LSDJ, MGMT remix, 17, COOL
  • cTrix (Melbourne) - Amazing C64 stuff, driving force behind Syntax Demo Party
  • Derris Kharlan (Melbourne) - 8bit Dystopian Future, textured emotion filled awesome.
  • Future Eater (Melbourne) - Leader of the Melbourne micromusic HQ.
  • Maddest Kings Alive (Melbourne) - 1/2 of perth group Chrism and Fenris, now sculpts a huge range of chunky organic tunes including a heavy spicing of chiptune inspired and created sounds.
  • Pandie (Melbourne) - 8-bit club anthems.
  • Pritee_Piksuhl (Melbourne) - Missing in action, made some killer tracks and played a few microparties.
  • Raptorface (Melbourne) - Young member of the Chiptune newschool makes some amazing FamiTracker songs.
  • Raptor-Kharlan (Melbourne) - AIDS DEATH HEYHEYHEYHEYHEY ... who are these guys
  • S.M.E.S (Melbourne) - Nitrotracker, Game Boy Apps, one mans
  • Vytantus (Ballarat) - Layered and textured game sounds, great mood pieces.


  • Astro Zombies (Way out in Deniliquin) - Awsome young dude writing with Game Boys, ran the (ex) label Chain Chomp Records.
  • Benedict (Sydney) - arty micromusic.
  • CAG (?) - great pixel art & tunes
  • Divide By Zero (Sydney) - Gameboy Noise.
  • Godinpants (Sydney) - Epic weirdness, glitch goat, good tunes.
  • It's Hard It's Hard (Sydney) - 8bit/noise duo who have never met each other.
  • milkytreat (Sydney) - DS and nano 2.3 + Designer Toy lover.
  • Przewalskis Horse (Sydney) - event promoter and 8bit muso.
  • Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families (Sydney) - solid gameboy dance co-founder of Game Boy Australia.
  • 0xFFender (Dirty-South) - youngster doing game boy tunes, also will make custom kits for LSDJ.


  • AndyExpandy (Brisbane) gameboy music newcomer in duo eatyourgameboy
  • Cartridge Cassettes (The Valley) lots of gamestyle pokemon core music
  • Dot.AY (Brisbane) - does hardcore gameboy electro and co-founder of Game Boy Australia.
  • Joypad Inactive (Hervey Bay) - also runs 'dustin must die' netlabel. I can't really download his music?
  • Ubey (Brisbane) - currently in Korea will come back and play gameboy gigs I COMMAND IT!
  • VGX (Brisbane) - gameboy mainstream dance with LSDJ and Nanoloop.
  • Yaldabouth's Material World (Nth QLD).


  • DJ Tr!p (Adelaide) - dj based electro 8bit with a variety of consoles
  • Freezedream (Adelaide) - LSDJ as well as Buzz tracker and FM stuff, fresh
  • Hidden Village (Adelaide) - duo made up of Little-Scale and Cloud Sparrow amazing technical and musical skills.
  • Jacko (Adelaide) - Studies Jazz Saxophone at the Elder Conservatory of Music in Adelaide and rocks out on the Game Boy.
  • Little-Scale (Adelaide) - deserves his own listing because he has made so many solo releases. He is also working on midi interfaces for the Sega Mega Drive and Master System.


  • (alt)bro (Perth) - Totally hip dude making hardcore tekno on 8-bit handhelds
  • Chrism (Perth) - 1 half of the group Chrism and Fenris lots of Gameboy Advance and C64 technical programming.
  • Chrism and Fenris (Perth) - C64 duo played many live shows throughout Australia.





  • Casionova (Melbourne) - the ultimate casio man plays mega micromusic on nothing but casios.
  • James Earthenware (Melbourne) - great circuit bent music wonders.
  • Talkshow Boy (Melbourne) - amazing trash rap-pop with micro bleeps.
  • Ultra Violet MC (Melbourne) - female mc raps over video game beats (has done a track with unicorn kid).


  • Emergency! Emergency! (Sydney) - indie rock with added gameboy sounds.
  • Mintendo (Sydney) - game inspired synthy goodness.
  • Spod (Sydney) - wacky aus-electro legend.
  • Toy Death (Sydney) - Australia's all circuit bent band.


  • Blastcorp (Darwin) - currently in Japan uses nitrotracker on DS and makes rad beats.


  • Collapsicon (Brisbane) - pretty much only makes electro these days, but has a whole bunch of chip gear.
  • Joel Saunders (Brisbane) - messed up pop uses cynthcart on C64.
  • Political Escapade (Gold Coast) - currently in France Indie Electro with politically charged vocals and rad bleeps.
  • Potato Master (Brisbane) - japanese rapper who has done some gameboy tracks with cow'p.
  • Sukaphish P Jones (Brisbane) - micro chip grime and everything else.

We will try and keep this list up to date. If there are more artists, dead links, or links we don't have, feel free to tell us and we will add/fix them. Watch this list, as it will be updated too!



Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hey Alex, this is a really great idea. Cheers for putting this list together.

Unknown said...

Thanks Seb,

If you come across anybody or think of any acts you would like added please let me know.

I hope people will keep adding to it (might even transfer it to a wiki page?)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

There is always this page:

Yep, I will tell you if there is anyone else I come across in my travels who should be added to this list.

10k said...

I added one Alex... :D See if you can find it.

Unknown said...

IT IS HARD!!IT"S HARD!! lol noise duo...

thanks seb, that page actually gave me another two to add to the list...coming your way Tom!

10k said...


10k said...

Added Astro Zombies.

Unknown said...

Pandie! Pandie! add pandie from melbourne!

i think she does her stuff with plugins on her computer but i'm going to introduce her to some nice ROMs in the next days...

mm, alex did you already send the music/video dvd?

10k said...

Thanks for the heads up.

10k said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Jacques bourdat said...

This is great! Thank you so much for mentioning Indonesian chip-artist :)

10k said...

I just updated this sucker with a few more that I found/met.

Anonymous said...

I Am 8 bit kidd i live in auckland nz.
i am part of god rekidz which can be found here
you will find my mini albums releases to download there

just thought you might like some more info since you have a link for me on your site.

10k said...


Unknown said...

Updated with a few that have been a long time coming

vgx said...

whoa just noticed this list hehe
btw i got nanoloop a little while back so i'll have at least 2 mainstream dance track on my myspace soon ... when i get a non-dead gameboy to record with :(

good work, i'll try my best to get to some of your shows guys

Sebastian Tomczak said...

where are you at, VGX?

Unknown said...

Seb, VGX is Brisbane read the list :P

Updated with a Bunch of Victorians...

They really seem to be winning the we have more Chipsters than you game

Cameron said...

Hey there isn't any Tasmanian chiptunes on here so I hope you'll allow me to be the first

!nfinite Rare Candy

or download my demo here


vicious said...

do a heaps add vicious cyclist :)

abortifacient said...

Please update for NSW:
Vicious Cyclist

Daniel Jackson said...

Please Add me

Square One :) NSW

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