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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chain Chomp Records

I received an email from Darcy Connor that caught me quite off guard. "I run Chain Chomp Records (Net-Label), I'm pretty sure it is the only Australian chiptune label. Game Music 4 All said it would be a good idea if I asked you guys to rep me on" This made me grin for two reasons, one, Game Music 4 All gives a shit about us, and two, there is finally an Australian netlabel that is pure and 8-bit.

I asked for a little more information. "Well, we started just over a month ago and have 8 bands signed. All up we have had about 10 bands. We have currently only released one Album / EP, but we should have released a few more with a couple of weeks, With the second Astro Zombies / Owencakes! split, When have spoken to Luperio and will probably release his album as well. And Chiptune David's EP shouldn't be to far away. So far we only have 2 Australian bands (being Australian based) we wish to gradually increase that number. Thanks to we have been able to find a lot more Australian bands, but we have yet to chat to them. We hope Chain Chomp Records is giving smaller chiptune / 8-bit bands a chance to be heard. We are the only Australian chiptune [only] label as of yet."

Check out a local Chain Chomp Records store near you. While you're there, you may also like to pick up a copy of an Astro Zombies record.


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