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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hello world,

We are Game Boy Australia! This is a new a music blog that is hoping to promote and explore the local and global chiptune scenes. Game Boy Australia will be maintained by Tom (aka Ten Tousand Free Men & Their Families, from Sydney) and Alex (aka Dot.AY, from the Brizzieland) with posts about past and future shows, releases both free and paid, and other exciting chiptune news, links, tips, tricks, sounds, sets, interviews and artists. We hope to see the Australian scene grow along with the readership of this blog!

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(Forgive the pun)

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anders said...

hey, just found this demoparty taking place in melbourne - might be of interest to you? there's a chip-compo anyway!


(oh, and i like this blog!)

trash80 said...

arduinoboy can sync as many devices as you want (i've tested up to 4). furthermore the code is easily expendable / changeable / tweakable. :)

you should add to the negative side of lsdjmc2 that the sync needs the plus & minus buttons to get into sync, it doesn't fall into sync immediately. that was the reason ardunioboy was started in the first place. ;)

Team Thesaurus said...

James Earthenware

Playing Live in PERTH

This weekend...Saturday and Sunday

Playing with Casio pioneer Adem K from Turnstyle, Bridget Turner from Boys Boys Boys and circuit bending wonders The Gizzards.

some details at facebook here:

So you can get an idea of is a youtube link.

Anonymous said...

hi guys , there's 2 if not more new New Zealand 8bit artists to be added



Thank you

sebastian //donteatdinosaurs©®

Anonymous said...

him also cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi im a NZ chip musician and I was hoping you could help get my album a Few more listeners ^^



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